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Friday, November 04, 2005

Tom DeLay's Smile

The former Majority Leader entered a Texas court room with a huge smile plastered on his face even though he was facing two indictments. He knew the odds were great that he would win his motion to replace a judgee who had made contributions to John Kerry and Move.On. After all, most folks in Texas knew MoveOn. Org members were crazy and unAmerican. They like other committed Democrats simply could not mkae fair judgments because the4y did not share the values Americans should share. The imperative that all Americans should share the same outlook is esentially wshat the New Right is all about.

Don't be surprised if he also wins the motion for a change of venue. Too many Democrats and minmority folks in the Austin area. Thay could hardly be expected t o render all-American judgments. They are not quite good americans and do not realize that De Lay deserves praise and a pass for bending a rule or two in the cause of what red state people think is virtue. The odds of him walking are subnstantial.

The fists judge was replaced by a partisan Republican. then the power to select went to the Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court, a very partisan Republican, Wallace Jefferson. He selected a Democrat not known for partisanship, in a state where Democrats are usually pretty conservative. De Lay did not complain about this selection. Jefferson was associated with DeLay's Texans for a Republican Majority, the outfit accused of shifting donations for federal elections to Texas legislative races. Even if the case goes against DeLay, it will go to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, where all the judges are Republican. No wonder De Lay is all smiles!

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