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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Death of Dorothy Hunt: An Exploration of the Assassination of JFK, Part 6

For some reason, Congressional supporters of the Pentagon forced the ouster of the first counsel, Richard Sprague. It was also known that the Army was in charge of the Kennedy autopsy and there is a great deal of evidence that it was , at the least, badly botched. A comparison of what the doctors in Texas and others there saw with the official autopsy leads to the conclusion that somethings were changed and that the head wound weas changed so it would appear that the bullet came from the back.

Much information has been lost, including tissue samples, and serious questions have been raised about the x-rays and photographs that have been purported to be those of the dead Kennedy. It also told that one doctor did not dissect the neck because he was ordered not to do so.

The investigation was hampered by many things—bickering over the hiring of staff, much time spent on writing operational procedures and working out delicate relationships with government agencies, and the purge of many staffers to save money at a crucial time. In the end, the committee decided that more people than Oswald were involved but it failed to put key witnesses to this fact on the stand. It also decided that at least four shots were fired. The holes in the back of Kennedy’s shirt and coat made the single shooter and magic bullet theories untenable. It found strong evidence that the FBI knew in 1963 that information that Lee Harvey Oswald had telephoned and visited the Soviet embassy in Mexico City was very doubtful. Yet the committee fudged its conclusion on this and did not pursue the matter. Studying what went on in the committee led many connected to it to wonder if those who led it really wanted to learn what had happened on November 22. An investigation conducted by the Attorney General of Texas, Waggoner Carr, was to show that Oswald was also acting as an FBI informer since 1962.

The committee wasted a great deal of time running down a red herring offered by Clare Booth Luce. The source of her information soon shot himself. She turned out to be an officer of the Retired Intelligence Officers Association. After November 22, Mrs. Marina Oswald broke off ties with her friend Ruth Paine on the advice of the Secret Service. They told her that Mrs. Paine was “sympathizing with the CIA.” George DeMohrenschildt was to later admit that a CIA man suggest he befriend Oswald. DeMohrenschildt shot himself before being called to talk to the House Select Committee on Assassinations.

The possible involvement of Cuban exiles was only traced around the periphery. Rolando Otero told an investigator that he had repeatedly heard that the CIA was involved and that about 30 CIA personnel were in Dallas that day. He was soon shipped off to prison with a forty year sentence. The chief witness against him was Ricardo “the Monley” Morales, a CIA hit man. A Treasury man from Minnesota came into Miami to instruct other witnesses, who had been rounded up and taken to a safe house, in what they should say in court. The committee investigator traced Otero’s two sources, “Carlos” and “Ten-One,” but he was forbidden to look closely into their backgrounds or what they were doing in the mid-1970s.

Fabian Escalante, probably a Cuban government asset, claims that Antonio Cuesta, while being held by the Cubans, confessed to being involved in the assassination. He named three others who were part of the Forty: Eladio Del Valle, Rolando Masferrer and Hermino Diaz Garcia. John Martino confessed to a Miami Newsday reporter that he had been involved in the logistics of the assassination, mainly making payments. He thought two Cubans were directly involved, one being Garcia. The other was Virgilio Gonzalez, who was also connected with the Forty. Florence Martino , wife of John, said her husband told her on the morning of November 22 that Kennedy would die that day. Fred Claasen told the House Committee that Oswald thought he was working for the Cubans. He was to meet a contact at the Texas Theater and helped to leave the country, but he made a mistake shooting the policeman. Ruby had to eliminate Oswald.

In the early nineties, it was learned that James E. Files ( John Sutton), a prisoner in the Joliet State Penitentiary, admitted to having been involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Files had long worked for Charles Nicoletti, an assassin for the Ginancona crime family. Files also implicates Johnny Roselli. For a few days before the murder, Files claimed he was with Oswald in Mesquite, Texas, and he added that Oswald may not have had a drivers license but he could drive an automobile. He also described some men giving Jack Ruby and others Secret Service identifications. On the day of the murder, Nicoletti asked him to be his back-up shooter, and Files claimed he was on the grassy knoll and that Oswald did not fire a shot. Sutton claimed that he had worked for David Atlee Phillips in training Cubans for the Bay of Pigs invasion and that he had met Oswald through Phillips. Through Phillips, he also met Clay Shaw. Witnesses have turned up who claim Files was at Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963. A former CIA agent/Army officer has also said Files ( then Sutton) was part of the Miami CIA operation in 1961. Though Files knew many details concerning the event, some aspects of his story seem inconsistent. It would make good sense for someone connected with the CIA to place Files at the murder scene. Likewise, the image of the mob as a powerful organization can only be enhanced by such claims.

In 1995, agent Gene Wheaton approached the Assassinations Information Review Board with the claim that he knew Cuban CIA assets participated in the assassination. He was boarding in the home of a retired agent, Carl E. Jenkins, who had been helping Cubans get in and out of Cuba and his host as well as several Cubans talked about their roles. In 2005, he said both Jenkins and Rafael ‘Chi Chi’ Quintero were involved.

The names of the people who shot Kennedy and the details on CIA involvement will never be known. The House Select Committee on Assassinations knew that the leader of Alpha 66, an extremist Cuban-American group said he saw Bishop with Lee Oswald in Dallas before the assassination. There is a great deal of evidence that the CIA people who worked with the Bay of Pigs Cuban-Americans shared with them an intense hatred of Kennedy. They were angry when Kennedy reacted to their refusal to obey some of his orders, and they believed that JFK had decided to shut down the efforts to assassinate Castro. Perhaps some in the CIA knew that Kennedy ordered McNamara to prepare a plan for withdrawal from Vietnam by late 1965. . Documents proving this surfaced in 1997. And of course there was a pile of evidence that Oswald was tied to the intelligence community. The committee never got beyond that, and it had in place institutional arrangements that prevented it from going farther—not that it wanted to. The CIA denied having an agent by that name or having a record of anyone using that alias. Later, a former investigator for the committee built a good case that David Atlee Phillips used that name, and that his close friend E. Howard Hunt also used it.

The assassination of John F. Kennedy was a huge historical event, and there still is not enough evidence to piece together what actually happened. There is more than enough evidence to suspect that the official story was essentially a fabrication, but it still proves very difficult to sort out all the contradictions and identify and deal with deliberate disinformation. This is probably true with the respect of many other contemporary events. For example, no one can prove for certain why the US invaded Iraq. Historians, due to a methodology inherited from Leopold von Ranke, may find themselves with no choices but to repeat the official or default stories about the assassination and Iraq, perhaps adding that some have questioned these accounts.

The people who planned Kennedy’s murder could have accomplished this
without so much fanfare. It could have been done in a way to arouse almost no suspicion. Rather it was accomplished in the Dealey Plaza shooting gallery, with all sorts of messy details, and an explanatory theory that would only be accepted by the weak-minded. It was a way of announcing to the citizens of a one-time democracy that other forces were now in control and that ordinary citizens might as well swallow hard and accept it.

Friday, May 25, 2007

The Death of Dorothy Hunt: Probing the Assassination of JFK, Part 5

Frank Sturgis answered her story by stating he had never met Oswald. Fonzi eventually claimed that the Lorenz story was disinformation intended to send the committee in a direction away from Hunt and the real action. There was no doubt that she had been Castro’s mistress or that she joined the agency in 1959 and later carried out two dangerous missions in Cuba. Her story was probably a CIA effort to mislead, but the usual formula for its disinformation is to include a great deal of true information with lies intended to misdirect. If that were the case, it can be assumed that the agency wanted to place Hunt somewhere other than Dallas on November 22.

In American Spy, Hunt’s memoir, Hunt speculated that LBJ was behind the murder of JFK. Hunt speculated that William K. Harvey of the CIA could have been involved in the assassination. He reasoned that Harvey was a very ambitious man who could use this involvement to his advantage. The memoir was not published while he was alive, and his speculations were superceded by what the dying spy told his son.
In 2007, Howard St. John Hunt told Rolling Stone that his father confessed indirect complicity in the death of John F. Kennedy. E. Howard Hunt also said Lyndon B. Johnson was behind the scheme. . However, we know that Hunt had no use for LBJ. St. John Hunt said his father wrote down that there was a French gunman on the Grassy Knoll. Most experts think this was a reference to Lucien Sarti, a famous assassin from the Corsican mafia. In 2003, the History Channel aired an interview with Christian David, a French prisoner, who named Sarti as one of three French criminals hired to kill Kennedy. However, the Frenchman was probably the late Jean Pierre Andre, who can be tied to the Miami scene. CIA records say French assassin Jean Soutre, a member of a violently anti-Kennedy organization, was in Dallas that day. Two days after the assassination, he was picked up and deported.
The senior Hunt drew a line connecting the name of Cord Meyer to LBJ. Meyer was a CIA man whose ex- wife, artist Mary Pinchot Meyer (1920-1964), was mysteriously murdered on October 12, 1964. She was a early peace activist, friend of Timothy Leary ,and her father had helped fund The Masses. She had been JFK’s main mistress for two years.

A day after Kennedy’s death , Mary Meyer called a friend in New York and said JFK was killed because he was changing too fast and could no longer be controlled. By this she meant he was souring on involvement in Vietnam and becoming more distrustful of the CIA. A year later she was murdered. She cried out when shot three times by what appeared to be a disturbed young man. Had it been a professional hit, it would have been quite different . She allegedly wrote that she and JFK took LSD before having sex. After her death, James Arrington a ranking CIA official and family friend was found in her house looking for her diary. Later, Arrington purged 150 pages from the autobiography of the late Winston Scott, CIA station chief in Mexico City. Also seized were tape recordings the agency had falsely claimed were of the voice of Lee Harvey Oswald.

In 2001, Cord Meyers told interviewers that she was killed by” the same sons of bitches …that killed John F. Kennedy." Meyers was known for his leftist leanings and had been appalled when the US dropped two atomic bombs on Japan. He was the kind of man Hunt would love to have framed. Cord Meyer played a major role in setting up and running Operation Mockingbird, a scheme to control what the press reported. Why would the CIA be interested in Kennedy’s death? He was blamed for the failure of the Bay of Pigs invasion, and it was feared that he would splinter the agency. Yet little seemed to have happened after the Bay of Pigs other than Kennedy keeping the agency under somewhat tighter reigns. Some suggest that the CIA disagreed with Kennedy’s intention of extricating the U.S. from the civil war in Vietnam.

The elder Hunt, while talking to Howard St. John Hunt, connected Meyer’s name to Morales with a pen. It was known that Morales had bragged, “ We took care of that son of a bitch, didn’t we?” A week later E. Howard Hunt gave his son another piece of paper that said: “Cord Meyer discusses a plot with [David Atlee] Phillips who brings in Wm. Harvey [ a CIA man tied to Santo Trafficante and Sam Giancante] and Antonio Veciana.[ a member of the exile community] He meets with Oswald in Mexico City. . . . Then Veciana meets w/ Frank Sturgis in Miami and enlists David Morales in anticipation of killing JFK there. But LBJ changes itinerary to Dallas, citing personal reasons." It went on to state that Hunt’s role was limited to attending a Miami meeting with Sturgis and Morales at which the murder of JFK was discussed. Hunt said he would not get involved in anything with Bill Harvey, “an alcoholic psycho.” Later, Hunt wrote an insulting letter to his son, and demanded a return of the JFK memo. St. John returned the original but kept a copy.. There is the possibility that Hunt could have been leading St. John on. He had long treated the club footed son with open contempt. Could it be true that even in death Hunt was covering his own tracks, shielding the people to whom he felt a lasting loyalty, and performing one last service to the CIA??

Madeleine Duncan Brown, LBJ’s mistress , told about Johnson emerging from a conference of Mafios , FBI officials, and Dallas industrialists, and saying, "those SOB's" would never embarrass him again However her comments are not inconsistent with another scenario. It has been well established that J. Edgar Hoover was close to LBJ and that the Director knew about the plot, did not warn the Secret Service, and obliquely let the mob know that Kennedy’s passing would be good for the country. It could be that LBJ just learned about the plot when he spoke to his mistress over twenty years. As for the presence of the mob at the meeting, it is now known that Hoover had many social contacts with mob people and that the CIA worked hand in glove with the mob on numerous occasions. She insisted the confab occurred on November 21, but there are evidenciary matters that suggest she had the wrong date.

In a recent book, Barr McClellan claims that LBJ, one month before his death, told his friend Don Thomas that ha instructed Edward A. Clark to arrange Kennedy’s assassination. It should be noted that Clark was an enemy of McClellan. A Clark operative recruited Lee Harvey Oswald as a shooter and patsy. Clark and Johnson were also responsible for the murder of the Department of Agriculture agent who was investigating Billy Sol Estes. Even if this scenario has value, the CIA would have had knowledge of the plot through Oswald and could have acted to make certain it was successful. The account’s only strength is that a 14 point identification of a print belonging Clark’s shooter has been found on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository. A letter on behalf of Billy Sol Estes by his attorney seems to confirm parts of the McClellan theory.

Gaeton Fonzi, who has written on the subject and once did investigative work for Senator Richard Schweiker, when the Pennsylvanian was part of a two person subcommittee of the Church Committee, entrusted with looking into the murder of JFK. Richard Schweiker, was sure that David Atlee Phillips, the Miami Station chief, and David Morales were deeply involved. Shawn Phillips said his father David Atlee Philllips was in Dallas that day. . Morales was head of operations at the Miami station, which was also the headquarters for The Forty, an assassins squad formed in 1959. Edwin Wilson, Barry Seal, William Seymour, Frank Sturgis and Gerry Hemming were early members. It was later expanded to 70 agents. Morales allegedly confessed to a friend in 1973, ““Well, we took care of that son of a bitch, didn’t we?” He died before he could testify. Had he lived he would have said nothing as he feared being killed by the agency.

Fonzi went on to be an investigator for the House Select Committee on Assassinations, 1976-1978. In fact he was one of only two investigators who regularly in the field. The Committee was poorly funded and its very existence was precarious because few in Washington really wanted to look carefully into the deaths of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King. It went through three chief counsels, the last of whom told the press that the report established that the mob was behind the death of Kennedy. In fact the report did not establish this; although, mobster Jack Ruby did enter the story, probably as a hired CIA cut out, by eliminating Lee Harvey Oswald. If the mob played a larger role, it was probably because it had a long established relationship with the CIA.

Ruby’s testimony to Earl Warren leaves other matters unanswered. He seemed to realize that the death of Kennedy and his action would bring rightists to power, and that would hurt a lot of people. He begged be moved to Washingtron, where he could tell his whole story. Of course, what he said is not inconsistent with the postulate that conservatives within the agency did in Kennedy.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The DEath of Dorothy Hunt: Probing the Assassination of JFK, Part 4

There is also a well-known picture of a young George H.W. Bush standing to the right of the main entrance of the Texas School Book Depository that gives pause because the resemblance is so strong. Like Nixon, Bush has offered different stories of where he was that day. According to a memorandum written by SAC Grasham W. Kitchel, Bush was in Dallas on November 22 and stayed at the Sheraton-Dallas Hotel. A November 29, 1963 J. Edgar Hoover memo refers to George Bush as a CIA man.

Bush had ties to George DeMohrenschildt, a fervent anti-Communist and Texas oil man , was one of Oswald’s close friends and possibly a CIA handler. DeMohrenschildt’s son-in-law told the Warren Commission that it was likely he was somehow involved in Kennedy’s death. . A November 29, 1963 J. Edgar Hoover memo refers to George Bush as a CIA man.

A March 3, 1964 memo from John McCone to James J. Rowley proves that Oswald had been trained by ONI for service in the Soviet Union. Oswald’s Marine Corps G-2 files remain classified as do some FBI materials. It is also clear that for some reason the CIA suppressed records about Oswald’s visit to Mexico City and that the FBI knew about this and went along. It was known for certain that someone impersonating Oswald called the soviet mission in Mexico City and that the photos of Oswald entering the embassy were not reliable. As late as January, 1964 CIA Counterterrorism Chief James Angleton was using this discredited evidence to attempt to sell the Warren Commission on the idea that Oswald worked for the KGB.

. On March 28, 1878, the House Select Committee on Assassinations learned from former CIA accountant that Lee Harvey Oswald was on the CIA payroll. Hunter Leake, number two man in the CIA station in New Orleans, told historian Michael Kurtz, that the station used Oswald as a courier. He told Kurtz that a trailer would have to be used to transport all the paperwork on Oswald’s involvement with the agency . Evidence developed later that Oswald was also an FBI informer.

In August, 1978, Victor Marchetti, a former CIA agent, wrote in the Liberty Lobby’s Spotlight that Hunt, Frank Sturgis, and Gerald “Jerry” Patrick Hemming were involved in the plot to kill Kennedy. Hemmings was a soldier of fortune and gun-runner with ties to Santo Trafficante. In 1978 testimony that was sealed until 1993, Hemmings said that he distrusted Sturgis and thought he was tied to military intelligence. He also described a 1962 meeting in the home of Louis Rabel, where the assassination of Castro was present and De Mohrdenschildt was present with piles of hundred dollar bills. Hemmings said he was home in Miami when Kennedy was killed and he insisted that the Lorenz story was false.It was his impression that Sturgis was in Dallas as were some other Miami people. He had met Oswald twice and was surprised by how much Oswald knew about him. At one point, Oswald was trying to infiltrate a team that was to kill Castro. He met Ruby in 1959.

Marchetti said that Marita Lorens provided information on this. Later two other writers repeated the story. His claims about the three men was based on a CIA memo which the House Special Committee on Assassinations chose not to publish. In the ensuing litigation over the article, Mark Lane represented the Liberty Lobby at one time.. In 1995, he convinced a jury that the CIA been involved in the assassination. It developed that Marchetti had consulted Alan Weberman, James Angleton, William Corson, Richard Helms, Stansfield Turner, G. Gordon Liddy, Martina Lorenz, and David Atlee Phillips.

Marita Lorenz , told Gaeton Fonzi “A month or so prior to November 22nd, 1963, I joined Frank Fiorini ( aka. Frank Sturges), Ozzie (Lee Harvey Oswald), others, Cubans in our group and drove in two cars to the home of Orlando Bosch . This… “highly secret meeting” in Bosch’s home was to discuss certain streets in Dallas, Texas… There was talk of a “highly powerful rifle” and discussions of “feet,” “building,” “timings,” “contacts,” “silence,” etc.” She added that just before the assassination she drove to Dallas with Bosch, Strugis, Pedro Diaz Lanz , another exile leader, and “two Cuban brothers whose names she does not know”. Fonzi argues that in this interview “Marita Lorenz had impressed me as a fairly credible witness”. Her account also appeared in the New York Daily News, November 3, 1977.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Death of Dorothy Hunt: Probing the Assasination of JFK, Part 3

Brigadier General Russell Bowen, in Immaculate Deception, analyzed key Nixon tapes in which he referred to “Texans,” “the Texans,” “Cubans,” “the Bay of Pigs,” and “some Texas people.” One of the “brown shoe boys” of the OSS and decades of intelligence work, Bowen saw the references as referring both to recent money laundering and to the assassination of John F. Kennedy. When the most relevant of these tapes was released, Nixon advisor Dean Burch said of George H.W. Bush: “He broke out in a**holes and sh*t himself to death…” The Warren Commission Report documents included a memo in which J. Edgar Hoover said he gave a full briefing on the assassination to Mr. George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency, and there in a photograph of someone who looks very much like Bush standing in front of the Texas School Book Depository on November 22, 1963. Comparison of that image with known photographs of the young Bush only strengthen the impression that it he was there that day. In 1979, the House Select Committee on Assassinations found that the FBI had numerous recordings of mafia people threatening to kill JFK. There is no evidence Hoover ever tried to warn the Secret Service. Maybe Hoover simply agreed with subsequent researchers who thought the mob had enough on Kennedy that a hit was unnecessary. However, this would not have prevented the mob from accepting payment for assisting in an effort initiated by others.

Nixon was in a position to know what happened on November 22, 1963, but that does not mean he was involved. Probably by coincidence, Nixon had just returned to New York from a conservative meeting in Dallas when he learned of the assassination. Initially, Vice President Richard Nixon oversaw Operation 40, an assassins unit, which was first aimed at Cuba to appease businessmen complaining about lost property. .Nixon got a committee of businessmen under Jack Crichton and George H.W. bush to fund the operation. These men were also entrusted with enlisting Cubans to invade Cuba. Frank Sturgis, Howard Hunt, Bernard Baker and Rafael Quintero were among those recruited for the invasion. Orlando Bosch, Luis Posada Carriles, and Antonio Veciana Felix Rodriguez was serving as an aid to Bush. After the failed Bay of Pigs Operation, these people detested Kennedy.

E. Howard Hunt always insisted he was in Washington, D.C. the day Kennedy died. However, the picture of three bums picked up in Dallas that day has fueled speculation that one of them was Hunt. Another looked like Frank Sturgis, who was never directly employed by the CIA. The picture allegedly showing Sturgis is convincing. Sturgis, who was murdered in 1992, told investigator Henegan that the three hoboes were Sturgis, Hunt, and Charles Harrelson. Sturgis said that his job that day was to act as a spotter for “sewer assassins,” and added that there was more than one hit team there. Investigator Jim Fetzer also identified Harrelson, but substituted Charles Rogers ( aka Charles Montoya) for Sturgis

Harrelson, the tallest of them, was an organized crime figure later sent to prison for killing a San Antonio judge John Wood with a high powered rifle. Anthropologist Gary Mack studied the photographic evidence and said Harrelson was likely the tall tramp. Harrelson once confessed to being involved in the assassination of Kennedy but later retracted his comments, saying they were made under the influence of cocaine., Carlos Marcello’s brother was convicted of hiring Harrelson to shoot Wood. .

Hunt testified to the House that he had never met Frank Sturgis until late 1972—something that seems very unlikely. Sturgis had been very active in the Miami anti-Castro movement and had heard of a CIA named “Eduardo” but he had not met Hunt or “Eduardo” until late Hunt had bragged that he often used disguises, and it is possible that he used some slight disguise then. Likewise David Atlee Phillips, an actor by avocation, admitted to using disguises.

Some thought the third person was Edward Lansdale. This association was probably made because probably design of the assassination looked like Lansdale’s work. General Lansdale was committed to the US effort in Vietnam and had great influence within the CIA because he helped control the gold the Japanese had hidden in the Philippines during World War II . .Experts like Mike Sparks and Fletcher Prouty saw the design as classic Lansdale. The great skill in removing conspirators from Dallas and the subsequent cover-up reflect the work of a man of his expertise. The general had many reasons to despise Kennedy, including what he thought were promises of high office in Vietnam. The Army had an anti-Kennedy think tank at the American University called “Camelot,” and another nest of anti-Kennedy people was Operation Mongoose, a CIA unit in Miami dedicated to killing Castro. It had a stable of capable hit men. In the view of all these people, Kennedy had made terrible blunders in planning to bring 1000 troops home from Vietnam by Christmas and by signing National Security Action Memorandum 263, which would reorient US policy from Asia to Europe.

However, investigator Jim Fetzer makes a good case that the third hit man was Chauncey Holt, a contract CIA killer and a very interesting man. At one time he was Meyer Lansky’s accountant. He was also a counterfeiter and once ran a school for assassins.

The alleged photograph of Hunt shows a resemblance but is a bit fuzzy. St. John Hunt, Howard’s oldest son, also saw the picture: "Around 1975, I was in a phone booth in Maryland somewhere, when I saw a poster on a telephone pole about who killed JFK, and it had a picture of the three tramps. I saw that picture and I fucking -- like a cartoon character, my jaw dropped, my eyes popped out of my head, and smoke came out of my ears. It looks like my dad. There's nobody that has all those same facial features. People say it's not him. He's said it's not him. But I'm his son, and I've got a gut feeling." He added that he did not remember his father being in D.C. that day. E .Howard Hunt said under oath he was home chopping vegetables with his wife. 1972 In the 1975 trial, attorney Marc Lane pointed out that Hunt had to carefully remind his children that he was home on November 22, 1963. The jury did not believe Hunt.

Lois Gibson, a visual identification expert with the Houston Police Department, has made a good case that the three tramps were three entirely different men, whose identities were known. One of them, coincidentally, was also photographed near Oswald when he was passing out Fair Play for Cuba pamphlets. This is not a matter that is easily resolved. If Hunt and other CIA operatives were in Dealey Plaza, it is very possible that they were not there as tramps. On the other hand, technical experts from 3M's Comtal Corporation in 1988 concluded there was a strong resemblance between Hunt and the third tramp. Earlier, others had reached a similar conclusion by using photo overlays.

Monday, May 21, 2007

The Death of Dorothy Hunt: Probing the Assassination of JFK, Part 2

Chicago legal reporter Sherman Skolnik received a telephone call urging him to look into the crash. He found that 150 federal personnel converged on the accident site and prevented anyone else from getting to the wreckage. An ambulance driver was outraged that rescuers were held back. On June 13, 1973 John Reed, chairman of the NTSB, told the House Government Activities Subcommittee that about 150 federal personnel were at the scene after the crash. Reed added that he complained to the FBI that they had kept rescue personnel away. There were fifty FBI agents there, and one went into the Midway Tower and seized the tape relating to Flight 553. Up to that time, the mainline press supported federal claims that Skolnich had lied about all the federal personnel being there. Skolnick marveled that many of the feds arrived at the scene before the Chicago firemen and police. A Chicago Congressman learned they were surveiling the plane because of claimed “air piracy.” Skolnich learned from other sources that the DIA and CIA had been ordered to arrest Dorothy Hunt. The day after the crash, the airplane fuselage was buried in a Chicago dump. So much for a careful study of the crash .

Activist Dick Gregory later told Skolnich there had been several efforts to get him onto that flight. Eventually someone slipped him a copy of the 1300 page NTSB document on the crash. Skolnich concluded that the plane had been sabotaged. On June 13 and 14, 1973, the NTSB heard his testimony and that of his eight witnesses. His case was that tower instruments monitoring the plane’s approach were turned off just before the approach and turned back on just after it got on the wrong runway. He thought the evidence suggested that the plane’s electronic buss bar was set to short out, thus disabling key instruments. The NTSB said crew errors caused the accident.

Skolnich was told that a government assassin using the name Harold R. Metcalf sat in seat B 17 and was seen exiting the crash. The NTSB report showed that he told the pilot he was a narcotics agent carrying a gun. One of Skolnich’s people later talked to Metcalf and Skolnick concluded that Metcalf was supposed to be a “double cut-out,” he was to make sure Mrs. Hunt was dead and then someone was supposed to kill him. Metcalf survived.

Later Skolnick interviewed Chuck Colson, who told him that Mrs. Hunt “was murdered by the FBI and the CIA." Colson added that he had already said too much. Colson also told Time, “I think they killed Dorothy. Hunt.” .Writers who agree are Robert J. Groden, Peter Dale Scott, Alan J. Weberman and Carl Oglesby.

Skolnick and some others have assumed that E. Howard Hunt was also in a position to reveal a great deal about the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Nixon was heard to complain a few times that Hunt’s demands for hush money on Watergate was likely to expose "the whole Bay of Pigs thing," H.R. Haldeman , Nixon’s chief of staff, wrote that this was a somewhat veiled reference to the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Some investigators believe the DNC had a reel of film showing Oswald with some CIA operative, but this writer has not been able to find much evidence for this other than a Los Angeles Times story. Frank Sturgis, told the San Francisco Chronicle (May 7, 1977) that "the reason we burglarized the Watergate was because Nixon was interested in stopping news leaking related to the photos of our role in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy."

Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Death of Dorothy Hunt: Probing the Assassination of JFK, Part 1

A useful way of approaching the assassination of John F. Kennedy is to examine two men named Hunt, Howard, a career CIA man and oil billionaire H.L. Establishing who exactly killed Kennedy is nearly impossible. But the stories of these two men will shed light on the forces at work in 1963.

On December 8, 1972, a United Airlines Flight carrying the wife of E. Howard Hunt crashed near Chicago’s Midway Airport . She bought an extra first class seat for her luggage. It is not known what happened to it. Did it contain the $1, 900,000 in negotiables ands $10,000 in untraceable cash that CREEP paid to buy the silence of the Hunts ? Some calculate that there was less, perhaps between $100,000 and $250,000. There is strong evidence, that CREEP was also buying silence about what Hunt could say about the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

. E. Howard Hunt ( 1918-2007), G. Gordon Liddy, and James McCord had masterminded the famous Watergate break-in. Hunt was a member of the insiders’ circle of old boys, close to former director Allen Dulles; and Hunt’s protégé was David Atlee Phillips. He was Chief of Cuban Operations and Covert Action at the Mexico City station at the time of the Kennedy assassination and had been involved in an effort to falsely sell the idea that Lee Oswald worked for the Soviets. Hunt was probably also involved, having been assigned to Mexico City in August and September, 1963. In 1963, Hunt was Chief of Covert Operations for the Domestic Operations Division. There are controversial allegations that Hunt was in Dallas on November 22, 1963 and a 1966 memo initialed by Richard Helms and James Angleton stating it was important to conceal Hunt’s presence in Dallas that day. Helms was another member of the charmed circle of CIA insiders. Helms and Dulles worked together to prevent the Warren Commission from knowing about plots, in league with the Mafia, to kill Castro.

Hunt officially left the agency in 1970 and became part of a secret White House Investigative Unit that carried our a few burglaries. Dorothy Hunt was also a CIA agent and met her husband when they were working in China in the late 1940s. She was unhappy about flying around the country paying off Watergate figures and the way the payoffs were handled. Hunt demanded money in return for silence about who ordered the Watergate break-in, and Dorothy Hunt , also a CIA agent, also participated in the negotiations with White House aid Charles Colson. James McCord claimed that Dorothy told him and her husband’s attorney that they had evidence that would "blow the White House out of the water. ".John Wesley Dean told Nixon on the famous tapes that Mrs. Hunt was “the savviest woman alive.” She had put the whole picture together. A month after her death, Hunt pleaded guilty to conspiracy and burglary and spent 33 months in prison.

Michele Clark of CBS News was also on the plane. She was doing a story on Watergate and may have had inside information, as her boyfriend was a CIA agent. CBS insisted that her body be cremated; although, her family opposed this. The mortician who did the job was later killed in an apparent burglary. Chicago Representative George Collins was also with Ms. Clark and Mrs. Hunt. There were 45 dead, including Collins and 42 other passengers.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Portrait of an ONI Spy, Part 3

Captain Russbacher defected from the CIA sometime around this. Maybe he was concerned with abuses of power and maybe it was all about obstacles to his second marriage. In any event, he took a Seal unit with him that had a dozen members.

Two days after the wedding he was arrested and held for several months on trumped up charges. Some months after his arrest, he was released to fly a mission to Moscow and immediately rearrested. In order to save his bride from threatened imprisonment, he pled guilty to impersonating a US attorney and fraud and was sentenced to 21 years. Much of this went back to his operating a CIA proprietary. His ONI boss, who tried to help him , was killed in a plane crash . Paul Wilcher, his lawyer, was soon suicided July 1, 1993. Wilcher was found dead on his toilet but there was no fecal material in the bown and no urine. His papers and 55 audio tapes of Russbacher were gone. Russbacher was told that Wilcher was taken to Venice, Virginia wherer he was given pizza and questioned about what he knew about the accounts of politicians in BCCI. He was handed a can of pop that was coated with 025 mg of Curare via DSMO. When he weas about to die, he was beaten in the fce to make it appear he had bee mugged. The body was returned to his apartment and because he was in rigor mortis, he was set on the toilet.

His wife embarked on speaking tours trying to get him freed but was nearly killed herself several times between 1990 and 1992. In the first attempt on her life, Gunther’s old Seal team saved her by ramming the car carrying men firing at her.

Missouri released him on probation in December, 1993, after he had been tortured and kept in the hole. Michael W. Brown, the judge who forced his release, died in a head on accident three years later. He had also been subjected to botched heart surgery that left the lower part of his heard dead. Once he had been forced to pull his own tooth and his heart medeicine was often withheld. The ONI then had him orchestrate the transfer of gold from the Philippines to Austria, returning that country gold Hitler had seized in 1938. This was called Operation White Robe. When he completed it, General Hugh Shelton called Gunter to tell him he was reactivated. But he was sent to an Austrian prison for not paying a hotel bill.

. In Austria, he ended up in a prison hospital where doctors were appalled by the signs of torture he had endured in the US. Austrian psychiatrists claim to have removed his hospital mind control program. When released from the Austrian hospital December 23, 1996, he had a heart transplant . He resurfaced in a New Mexico hospital with heart complications, and with a beautiful young woman who was not his wife. Because he has skipped out on Missouri probation, he was taken to a Los Alamos jail cell covered with fecies and urine.

When he talked to his wife via telephone he seemed ,, possibly drugged and still under mind control. He was not the same person and did not seem to remember his wife. He did tell her that the young woman met him at the prison door. After a few calls to his wife,. He vanished for a month. He resurfaced in a New Mexico hospital with heart complications, and with a beautiful young woman who was not his wife. Because he has skipped out on Missouri probation, he was taken to a Los Alamos jail cell covered with fecies and urine.

FBI chief William Sessions told his second wife that Russbacher was back at work running intelligence operations for Group 26 ( Defense Intelligence Services—not same as DIA ) out of Bristol England. He had a new wife, Jane Ryder, and his father in law was a former MI 6 agent., who freelanced for the CIA and the Vatican Intelligence Service. Allan Frankovich, her former lover who had some intelligence connectiond )died of a sudden heart attack a few months before Jane and Gunther began to cohabit. Jane, a respected film producer, says that Father Malachi Martin taught her everything she knows. Martin was a former Vatican Jesuit known for an immoral lifestyle who became an important figure in American right-wing circles.

Somehow he ended up in a Los Alamos jail, rational sometimes and a little demented at other times. It is believed that Jane worked for the CIA and induced him to return to the US. He and Jane returned to England the same year and married, a year before his second wife obtained a divorce in the US.

In 1996, Russbacher published a piece on Jonestown in which he claimed it was a government operation and that members of the cult had been subjected to various degrees of mind control. Wesley Baker of the Department of State headed the project. The programming proved less than effective and there was a revolt followed by as massacre. In another article, the Captain said that Congressman Leo Ryan knew Jonestown was a government operation and was concerned that it was out of control. He has also written about how subjects are found for mind contro in Project Open Eyes and about five levels of training. Some public figures have been subjected to mind control, and he thinks they include Bill Clinton, John McCain, and Madeline Albright.

Captain Russbacher wrote that there were seven sleepers in the Branch Davidian compound at Waco, but he did not think their programming was sufficient that they could be triggered to carry out any specific actions. Dr. Chomg Sun Kim of the Stone Mountain facility had programmed them. The Davidian Group had been created with the intention of using it to carry out terrorist actions. For some reason, a Delta Group Force was sent to neut4ralize the seven sleepers only, and something went wrong. Somehow the seven sleepers had been prematurely set off and they were building some kind of nerve gas device for mass destruction. Triggers appear in TV advertisements and in newspapers.

Gunther claimed to have taught mind control at the Life Management Institute outside Waco in the early 60s. He said Mark Phillips and David Koresh were students there. Interestingly, he claims that Charles Keating and William Sessions ran an operation against pedophiles out of the LMI. Elsewhere, Gunther called this Operation Cyclone. It was shut down when it began to threaten prominent people.

Captain Russbacher opposed government drug dealing and claimed that the CIA helped organize the Cali drug cartel. The captain claimed to be at a meeting with the Columbians and said that Columbia was divided between the two cartels. The overall name for CIA drug operations in Latin America was Operation Snow Cone. His sotry was independently corroborated by former CIA agent Trenton Parker, who went into greater detail on the meetings and the role of the Agency. In 1976-1982, Parker was giving evidence of governmental corruption to Congressman Larry McDonald of the Joint Armed Services Committee, and McDonald subsequently died in a plane crash.

Russbacher also claimed there was a plan to “sanction” Bill Clinton in San Francisco during the 1992 campaign. He was obviously in prison at the time, so his information had to have come from friends in the intelligence network. This Operation Mount Rushmore was to be spearheaded by a Lt. Commander. From ONI, but the CIA and Mossad were also involved. Clinton was saved by a leak within the organization, but several people lost their lives. Rodney Stich obtained information from the Lieutenant Commander and other sources than Russbacher to confirm the plot. Also named in the plot were two men with Chinese names and a major San Francisco law firm.

Russbacher told his second wife that the Murrah Federal Building was bombed on April 19, 1995 to distract attention from an airplane crash that killed 17 high ranking military officers who were plotting against Bill Clinton. Sherman Skolnick had written about the plotters before the plane crash. The press reported that eight died.

Russbacher has been framed in a bizarre scenario, claiming he was behind the killing of Princess Diana. The point was not to convict him of anything but to cast doubt on anything he has said. Russbacher blamed his fate on the activities of a faction within the intelligence community that has placed the interests of George H.W. Bush above those of the nation. He was part of a second faction, mainly ONI, that tried to place the national interest first. Who knows if there re such factions. While in prison, he did historical research and came up with some odd economic theories and the belief that some sort of international conspiracy dating back to the Bavarian Illuminati are behind many human problems. Most of his testimony can be verified, but his historical and economic theories are another matter.

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Portrait of an ONI Spy, Part 2

Gunther came to Oklahoma as a child his mother. After two years in the Army, he joined the CIA in 1963 which quickly placed him in the navy and flight training. He soon joined the ONI in 1968. In Viet Nam he was wounded and tortured as a prisoner. When he returned to the US, he became qualified to fly the most advanced aircraft. He was involved in black ops in Europe, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, as well as the United States. He was apart of a team skilled at murder via car accident and he was also very good at sanitizing intelligence crime scenes here and in Germany. He told his second wift that he attended assassin school outside Phoenix at Center Point, and that George H.W. Bush was a classmate. He was later called the Ice Pick because that was his favored tool.

For a time he was on loan to the Department of State for black ops. He infiltrated the Pipefitters Union and even worked for it St. Louis for a time. Gunther also infiltrated criminal and narcotics rings as well as Italian and German terrorist operations. He ran a CIA owned insurance investment advisory service, helped CIA connected companies find tax loopholes, built developments through CIA-financed Crystal Shores Group. All thos was part of Operation Cyclops , an effort to put more agents in the business world and expand the number of proprietaries. Gunther has said that Congressman Roy Blunt has repeatedly help the CIA charter proprietary companies in Missouri, and of course this involved pay-offs. Blunt would play a major role arranging Russbacher’s second imprisonment.

Russbacher first served a brief prison sentence in Texas when he was caught moving bags of bearer bonds for the agency. Sometimes he taught languages for the military. He also established a CIA savings and loan that collapsed in Pennsylvania. Within CIA circles he was called “the banker,” because he handled secret accounts and funded black ops. Captain Russbacher also worked with Robert L. Corson, a known CIA money mule, who was involved in defrauding over twenty savings and loans in Texas and elsewhere, according to the Houston Post sries on the S and L series. To complicate things, Russbacher sometimes even used Corson’s name. He was also involved in assisting the counterrevolutionaries in Central America. Russbacher headed an operation in 1983 that turned sour trying to extricate a Stassi defector from East Germany, lost a close friend in the process, and took a little time off. In the eighties, he also carried PROMIS software to Australia.

In 1989 he married ,Rayelan Allan Russbacher, his second wife, disregarding the CIA order that he wait two years to remarry. Her late husband was dean of science and engineering at the Naval Postgraduate School, where she first met Gunther. He knew he would never be given permission to marry her because she was a liberal activist, intent on learning about the October Surprise. She had lobbied against the appointment of Donald Gregg as ambassador to South Vietnam, and did not know he then headed the CIA disciplinary committee.

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Portrait of an ONI Spy: Part 1

An August 22, 1985 memo from Admiral John Poindexter to National Security Advisor Robert McFarlane states that Captain Gunther Karl Russbacher ( 1942-2005) and piloted a DC 6 taking Tow missiles[ part of eventual 408] to Iran as part of what was known as the Iran-Contra deal. Oliver North was aboard, and the missiles wre mistakenly taken to the wrong Iranian unit. Robert Hunt(ONI and NSC) was also aboard. [ Hunt is now in prison.] Another of the admiral’s memos describes large deposits made in the accounts of those involved. A May 30 Oliver North memo to the admiral describes a snag in further negotiations with the Iranians, which Russbacher attended. A June 16 memo from Vice President Bush to the admiral asks him to thank Hunt and Russbacher for their efforts. A November 11, 1993 letter from Mossad agent Moshe Ben-Manash confirmed the facts of the Iran/Conra exchange of missiles and Russbacher’s role.

Captain Russbacher claims that he was the command pilot on the plane that
brought George H. W. Bush to Paris on October 19, 1980 to negotiate the October Surprise at the Hotel Crillion in Paris, an arrangement whereby the Iranians agreed to hold 52 American hostages until after the presidential election. Richard Brenneke, Russbacher’s cousin and also an arms dealer, was another pilot , and the third was Heinrich Rupp. Bush was there only a few hours—long enough to see the deal cemented, and Russbacher shuttled Bush back to the US aboard an SR –71, the Blackbird needle nosed spy plane. Adnam Khashoggi, the arms dealer, paid for the return flight’s fuel with his credit card. George H.W. Bush rambled on about Russbacher’s claim at a 1992 news conference. Brenneke was later jailed when he discussed the flight but a jury believed his story and released him.

“I wonder whether they're going to use the same prosecutors that are trying out there to see whether I was in Paris in 1980 and flew home in an SR-71 Blackbird. I mean, where are we going with the taxpayers' money in this political year? So, let them look at it. It's no problem to me. But I think at some point somebody ought to say where is all this money going that goes to pay for these special prosecutors, rummaging through files and proving nothing. I was not in Paris, and we did nothing illegal or wrong here. We tried, and it didn't work, and we moved. And that's the answer to it..." (Times June 5, 1992)

Unfortunately, there is not a solid evidentiary trail for his involvement. The evidence is amply clear that the October Surprise was negotiated. It is doubtful if Russbacher would have had so many problems in his later life had he not been involved. He has produced flight logs to prove many claims, but there are no logs for the October Surprise.

Russbacher, the scion of an Austria noble family, was born July 1, 1942 amid a strange Teutonic Knights ceremony. Ernst Kaltenbrunner, his grandfather, was head of Austrian intelligence in World War II. .Baron Karl Russbacher was allegedly part of the plot to kill Hitler and had to fake his own death. After the war, he worked for the US government under a different name.

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The Death of James Sabow: A Soldier who Objected to the Government Drug Trade

In January, 1991 Colonel James T. Sabow and Colonel Colonel Joseph Underwood were relieved of their commands at the El Toro Marine Corps Air Station. Sabow was assistant chief of staff and Underwood was his boss. General Wayne T. Adams accused them of falsifying flight records, abusing training flights, and taking too much luggage with them on training flights. The Corps’ inspector general, General Hollis Davison accompanied by three assistants , immediately appeared at the base to personally look into these grave charges. Two days later, on January 22, Sabow was found dead in his backyard. He had apparently shot himself with a valuable shotgun, but there was a pea sized bulge on back of his skull. His daughter said he had been in a good mood and that he was answering the telephone when she left for St. John Neumann High School. There was a small puddle of blood and no splatter. The coroner said he died of a blast to the mouth.

Dr. John David Sabow, Jim’s brother, had doubts about the coroner’s verdict, but the military warned that an investigation would show that the deceased was both a felon and a crook. The family eventually concluded that James was threatening to reveal the arrival at night of cargo planes from Latin America carrying drugs. Dr. Sabow ‘s own forensic team raised questions about the mode of death, why the lungs were filled with blood when the medulla had already beeen destroyed, and why James’s prints were not on the shotgun. The prints found on it were those of Sabow’s son who last cleaned it. They concluded the colonel was hit on the back of the head and then the gun was jammed into his mouth.

The family initiated a legal claim against the Marine Corps, but it could not be proven that he was murdered. A Lt. Col Gary Albin approached Sabow’s house at the time of the murder. Underwood, a neighbor said Sabow was not home. Someone gave the family lawyer material on a Marine strategy meeting designed to scare off the Sabows as well as copy of an order to a legal officer to take steps to strip Dr. Sabow of his medical license. They did establish that black, unmarked planes came into the base, flown by what appeared to be civilians. The planes stopped at the end of the runway and left soon after that. Colonel Underwood had forbidden the MPs from getting near the planes. Private investigators told Dr. Sabow that El Toro was a hub in the government’s Latin American drug trade. The former chief of the county forensic squad believed the colonel was murdered and that the scene was rearranged to look like a suicide. Pursing this case is complicated by the many deaths of Sabow witnesses and the imprisonment of others. One witness was imprisoned when he shot a hit man sent to take him out.

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MKULTRA: Government Mind Control Experiments, Part 11

One of the most troubling aspects of this story are persistent reports from women who claimed they had been abducted as children for government mind control therapy. Ms. Mullen, whose testimony appears above, was taken to Deep Creek Cabins in Maryland in 1959 to learn to “to learn how to sexually please men.” Dr. John Gottlieb handled the scientific end of the experiments, and she mentioned Deputy CIA Director Richard Helms who wanted to entrap politicians and academicians as part of a plan to continue funding of some of their projects. Above all, they wanted to continue experiments with radiation. Morse Allen, Gottlieb, Helms, and George White planned to film politicians having sex with her

They had recently been giving massive doses of radiation to retarded children in New Orleans. This girl was nine years old at the time, and came from a one-parent home. Her father was abusing her sexually and then adopted by a woman connected with Tulane University, who also abused her. She had nearly perfect recall.

They were usually programmed as sex slaves and messengers. Some claim they received the highest level of training, that of assassins. Lt. Comdr. Thomas Narut was particularly invioved in producing assassins.

Most victims came from families were sexual abuse occurred. Their parents were often trapped in some way or other and forced to yield custody of the children. Sometimes they were found because they ordered very graphic child pornography. It is claimed that ministers are often used as fronts for local MKUltra training operations. These clergymen are seduced by sex slaves (Betas) and are blackmailed into cooperating.

This is as far as the story goes before it becomes hopelessly muddled. The former victims tell similar stories but often include bizarre elements. All talk about satanic rites mixed with sex and sexual abuse. The mind control training was always based upon the use of intense traumas. Some refer to plots to take over the world, involving the New World Order, the Illuminati, the Vatican, the Masons, and others. Sometimes these women come under the influence of men who most likely were once part of the government MKUltra operations and sex trade. One very clearly is a highly trained psychotherapist. It may that these people were given the task of mixing disinformation with the stories of these women. If so, they have done a wonderful job. It has become very difficult to tell what is accurate and what is disinformation.

Ted Gunderson, most probably a government infiltrator of the survivor network, says the Satanists use the works of black magician Aleister Crowley and that they like live sacrifice, believing it releases energy they can absorb. All sources tie the MKUltra rituals to Joseph Mengele.

Today Svali is a registered nurse and works in diabetic education. Today, she would be about 50, twelve years before she fled the mind control program in San Diego. She claims that she and her family were victims of the mind control and that she was both a programmer and a programmed person. All of them were victims of dissociative identity disorder( DID), formerly multiple personalities. She writes little about her experiences but does mention sexual abuse, but says she was never “prostituted out” but taught others to become prostitutes. As head trainer in San Diego, she used virtual reality head sets to train future assassins. She mentions connections to the CIA, the military, and the government in general. Without quite explaining why, she believes that mind control, in the end, serves the purposes of a secretive group called the Illuminati and a secret initiation ceremony in the bowels of the Vatican, but these could be bits of programmed disinformation meant to make her entire story seem false.

Svali provides great detail about how people are programmed and mentions how the program raises money through assassination, sale of government secrets, drug trading, gun running, pornography, and prostitution. They train mercenaries in Montana, Nevada, and North Dakota. There is a profit to be made in training mercenaries, but the recompense they seek is loyalty and knowing what the mercenaries are doing later. She claims that there was a great deal of dissastisfaction within the mind controlled/satanic community, that many programmers were not happy with what they have done, and that they would quit if they thought escape was possible. She disappeared in July, 2006.

Most students of this subject believe that Brice Taylor , born in 1951, ( really Susan Ford) is a genuine survivor.Her recovery began in 1985 and lasted a long time. He said sexual abuse was a family tradition, and claimed that after entering the program she was taken to UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute and to NASA installations. Ford also talked about being taken to military bases at Long Beach, California. She mentioned Point Magoo Naval Base as an important Monarch site. The mob was also involved in her abuse as well as the CIA. Her grandfather was an Iowa politician and also abused her. His techniques were fairly crude, but the government people used drugs, hypnosis, and electric shock.

She was involved in what she called the Lincoln Memorial Tour, which was really an oral sex tour for foreign diplomats , Congressmen, and others taking a shuttle to the monument. She began in her teens, and eventually her daughter joined her. Before servicing them, she asked each if he wanted his shoes shined. She said that about 3000 women were programmed as Presidential Models to give presidents and others sex. Ford also acquired a photographic memory so she could serve as a messenger. She claimed to have serviced Bob Hope, Henry Kissinger, Bill Clinton, and others.

Ford said she was pre-programmed, upon a given signal, to get into an automobile accident and that this was the reason for two serious crashes.

Kathleen Sullivan claims to be another survivor. Her family too was involves in sexual abuse and her grandfather converted to Druidism. Her father was an assassin with ties to the Columbo crime family. He also had ties to former Nazis. Also a “presidential model” sex slave, she claimed to have serviced Robert Maxwell, Henry Kissinger, George Bush, Sr, and Billy Graham. Her CIA controller was James Jesus Angleton.

A third alleged survivor is Cathy o’Brien, formerly of Muskegon, Michigan. Many believe her, but some think she is being led astray by a therapist and former CIA officer who is working with her. Her’s was an “incest based family.” She learned to read at age four due to her photographic memory. One wonders if that capacity made her attractive to MKUltra. She claimed that Gerald Ford recruited her after her family’s practices became known. Her Uncle Bob, an Air Force Intelligence Officer, was also involved in her abuse. She mentions a mind control facilities at McDill Air Force Base and Tinker Air Base.

Carol Rutz says she was abused by here father from almost the beginning. By age 2, she was constructing “alters” to escape the pain. By age 4, she was in the hands of Allan Dulles and Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, America’s own version of Joseph Mengele’s She said that Mengle claimed to be “Dr. Black” and instructed children not to look closely at his face.

Gottlieb “Daddy Sid,” her only source of reinforcement. Her programming only began to deteriorate after his death. They messed with her mind but did not use her for sex or missions. Through the Freedom of Information Act, she obtained documents on their experiments. Yet, it seems that other CIA people sexually abused her.

Dr. D.Corydon Hammond is a psychiatrist and leader of therapists who believe there are many mind control victims in the U.S. He delivered a famous address at the Fourth Annual Eastern Regional Conference on Abuse and Multiple Personality, Thursday June 25, 1992 in Alexandria, Virginia. Found that people eleven states suffering from multiple personality disorder had been programmed the same way. He found similar patters of programming and also checked out these findings with other therapists. A high percentage of patients associated their programmers with the CIA, NASA, or the military.

He found that many had been programmed within the framework of some sort of satanic cult which had element of Cabalism incorporated within it. The Nazi prison doctors used this framework and preferred to start with very small children. Sometimes they employed sexual abuse or physical abuses such as placing the child’s finger in a mousetrap. Demorol and electronic impulses were used. Later, he found the CIA using LSD. Among American subjects, he found women more likely to have been ritualistically programmed than men.

Experimenters used drugs and electronic shock to achieve what they thought were desirable brain wave states before they started programming. Sometimes noise of some sort was fed into the right ear, while voice instructions went to the left, which was associated with the right hemisphere of the brain.

He found different forms of programming. Alpha programming is only general in nature. Those who received Beta programming performed oral sex in a certain way, did pornography, prostitution, and performed sex in rituals. Deltas were killers and assassins, and also killed in rituals. Thetas were psychotic killers. They have many deadly skills including murder by creating a brain aneurysm. Omega programming involves self-destruction. Gamma programming involves disinformation skills. Omicron programming involves skills in the drug trade.

Time and again he found people programmed by a “Dr. Green” decades ago. This man sometimes told patients his real name was Greenbaum.

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MKULTRA: Government Mind Control Experiments, Part 10

Throughout western history, people have fanaticized about a vast Satanic conspiracy against Christendom. All sorts of evils have been ascribed to the Satanists, including child sacrifices and sexual abuses of all sorts. In fact, very few people have ever been inclined toward Satanism. The most important, though still very small, organized group of Satanists oppose all forms of torture and abuse of others. Yet reports of sexual abuses have been increasingly linked to Satanism since the 1980s. It is as though people are saying that the devil made them do it. Control through fear is probably the most important reason for using satanic motifs. However, experts claim that many people derive greater sexual satisfaction from their actions when they are accompanied by certain, frequently used, symbolic actions. If sexual abuse is part of experiment by government agencies, doing them under the aegis of a satanic cult (1) makes the survivors’ stories hard to believe; they can easily be labeled pseudomemories, and (2) makes the actions appear the isolated efforts of government employees in the grip of some strange cult. It has been reported that the Satanists rely heavily on Aleister Crowley’s Magick in Theory and Practice. In chapter twelve, he defended the practice of eating someone else’s’ heart and liver because it could give one greater energy. He recommends that the animal or person be killed within a satanic Circle. Antoo La Vey, founder of the Church of Satan , also defended human sacrifice.

A stream of evidence has turned up suggesting that the Canadian government allowed the CIA to conduct experiments on children at the Duplessis Orphanage, outside Montreal, in the 1950s. The orphanage was operated by the Catholic Church. Some of the victims are still alive. A mass grave has been found with hundreds of bodies In 1953, the government of Quebec transferred thousands of children from orphanages to mental hospitals to profit from higher subsidies paid by the national government. This was the time when the US-financed MKULTRA experiments in Canada were beginning in earnest. Some of the victims of experimentation were aborigines. In addition to LSD, electroshock, and hypnosis, some victims were brought into insulin comas. When the experiments came to light, much was made of the fact that so many of the victims were French speaking and Indians. In 2004, a high Canadian court blamed the CIA and Dr. Edwin Cameron. In return for money, the church turned over healthy children for experimentation. Lynne Moss-Shaman, a Canadian woman who is active in survivors’ conferences, says many of the mind control experiments were conducted at Canadian military bases. She also remembered being taken to Rochester, to Colgate University, and to Oswego State Teacher’s College. Recalled once being used for child sex with a British scientist for blackmail purposes. She thought that many of the victims ere somehow preconditioned for ritual abuse by coming from Masonic families. Linda Mac Donald , another survivor, said she was placed in an 86 day coma. The Canadian government has paid more than $8,000,000 in settlements to victims. The experiments have become the subject of the film, The Sleep Room. The Cameron experiments usually involved a combination of chemicals and massive electric shocks.


It is now known with certainty that Ted Kaczynski, the Unibomber, was a subject of mind control experiments at Harvard from 1958 to 1962. His programmer was Dr. Henry Murray. Candy Jones, the leading cover girl of the 1940s and 1950s, became a programming subject. She started working for NBC in 1960. By then she was permitting an unknown government agency to use her modeling school as a mail drop, and that led to her recruitment by the CIA, which experimented with her for twelve years. She was given a second personality and programmed to hate minorities; although, she had formerly been free of racial hang-ups. She was also programmed to commit suicide when her usefulness was over. She was injected with highly experimental drugs. She received training as a CIA agent and even learned how to kill with a hat pin. She already had the beginnings of a secondary personality, and the CIA cultivated it for its purposes. The agency used it to deliver messages. They triggered the second personality through telephone calls. In 1972, she married Long John Nebel, a radio talk show host. A practitioner of hypnosis, he used this sill to reconstruct her experiences on 200 hours of tape. In general, the idea was to leave the “front personality” alone and to develop “alter personalities” that would do as commanded. The front personality would have no idea what the others were . There have been unsuccessful efforts to acquire, under the Freedom of Information Act, government files on her. However, the CIA has admitted having ext4nsive files on Candy Jones. In t he case of a famous assassin who was caught in the Philippines and eventually returned to the United States, his evil alter had been programmed to believe that he was the illegitimate child of Alan Dulles.

Jerry Lee Lewis was a musician and mind controller who worked closely with Aquino on the West Coast. He was also involved in the Temple of Set. He was said to be particularly sadistic in his programming activities. It is claimed that he is a programmed programmer, meaning that someone programmed him thoroughly before deciding to use him as a programmer.

Cisco Wheeler said her father was a government mind controller and that the family had been into Satanism for generations. Her great Uncle was General Earl Wheeler, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff in the Vietnam War. Cisco’s father was tied to the CIA and was a musician who did USO shows during that war. Her father was involved in getting drugs into the United States, and he claims that sometimes drugs were hidden in the cavaties of bodies being shipped back. Cisco experienced trauma programming from birth and was trained to give others sexual pleasure. The beginning of recovery occurred when Cisco was 40 and her father died.

Wheeler claims she was programmed by Dr. Green or Dr. Fairchild, whom he thought was Joseph Mengele, but her father, Dr. Black, was her main programmer. Dr. Green placed children in intensely hot cages in the desert and after they were broken told them of his great love for them, They he would have them perform some terrible act or other. Cisco said she was programmed in Oregon and California, at the Presidio, China Lake Naval Base, and at Letterman Hospital next to the Presidio. He added Dorenbecker Masonic Hospital and the Oregon State Hospital to the list sites.

Her father married a very religious woman so that he could infiltrate her church, and eventually he became a Pentecostal minister. Fritz Springmeier, who deprogrammed Wheeler, claims the Satanists have infiltrated many churches, especially the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses. :Springmeier and his wife were subsequently jailed for growing marijuana. Recently, In Gone with the Wind at the Vatican, Msgr. Luigi Marinelli said that satanic rites were even conducted within the Vatrican. Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo has also accused other Vatican clerics of practicing black magic.

Suzanne Starr, a victim living in New Mexico, said her father was jailed and tortured the little girl in front of her mother until the badly shaken mother signed her over to the government for its experiments. She believed that the family physician, a retired military man, found children for the experiments. Recalls being in the doctor’s basement and of being taken to a college campus when she was twelve. The children were locked in dorms and taken to tunnels for experiments. She also recalled a person the people in the program referred to as the “Nazi doctor.” She talked about electroshock sessions and how she passed out when something was shoved up her nose. She claimed that she was injected with something that carried radiation with it. She was not sexually abused, but they did experiment with her mind and used her for radiation experiments, including one to determine how radiation affected fertility.

It is difficult to determine who the survivors really are. Some come forward with very believable stories, and there are commonalities among them. In most cases, other people crop up who try to control these people and still others who try to refute them. Some appear to emerge from these experiences with so much trauma that there is no way to tell if what they say is true. Such a person is Barbara Hartwell, now living in Maine. She claimed to be under the control of the CIA for 25 years and broke free in 1994. It is easy to discount her story. The only plus is that Chip Tatus vouched for her. His statements have almost always proven to be true. Her code names were “sleeping Beauty, Blue Rose, and Black Angel.”

First someone appeared who claimed to want to help her. He had been in FBI Counterpol for 27 years and had tried to “help” others. When they fell out, around 2000, other people started turning who claimed to have been programmed by NSA or CIA. After them, there were people who were clearly hostile. Her story seems so hard to piece together that it is difficult figure out why anyone would bother to attack her, unless it is her claim that she was controlled by microwave technology, which seems to be one step beyond the technology the others talked about.

A Likely Victim of Programming

Henry Lee Lucas was sentenced to death in Texas for murder, torture, pedophilia, necrophilia, cannibalism, and mutilation of human beings. His victims numbered between 300 and 600. His partner was Otis Toole, a self-described cannibal and arsonist. Governor George W. Bush took an active interest in Lucas’s case and asked the clemency board to look at it, which led to Bush granting clemency in June, 1998. Lucas subsequently died in prison of natural causes. Lucas was on very good terms with the Rangers in the Lucas Task force and was rarely handcuffed when being transported from place to place . He probably took credit for murders he did not commit in order to assure that he would live well in prison. Even if he lied a lot about his exploits, it is still likely that he was one of the worst serial killers in history. . Bush argued that the case that led to the death sentence was shaky, but Texas authorities did nothing to permit Lucas to stand trial in other states, where there were charges pending.

In his 1985 book The Hand of Death: The Henry Lee Lucas Story, Lucas told of his induction into a satanic cult , the Hand of Death, and about his training as a killer and assassin. He and his partner were offered a job delivering stolen cars, but they declined it, saying it would expose them to quick arrest as they were fugitives. Instead the man offered them work killing on behalf of an organization, the cult. Otis Toole told about the same story. They were trained in more efficient methods of killing, ritual sacrifice and cannibalism, and child abduction. The two toured the American south, gathering children to be used for sacrifice or sold to wealthy families in Mexico. Some of the older children were used in pornographic movies the cult distributed. Lucas’s comments about the route he took into Mexico with kidnap victims was later verified.
George W. Bush lived in Brownsville in 1984 and had ties to the cult. However, he disappeared for three days when 17 members of the cult were victims of a mass murder. When he returned, he could not explain where he had been. The local prosecutor investigated Bush for six months before dropping the matter under pressure from Washington. The Brownsville cult and another in nearby Matamoros were suspected of moving drugs, and the theory was that human mules and cult members were regularly snuffed out. The cult in Matamoros, run partly by Aldolfo De Jesus, had chambers for torture and human sacrifice. Costanzo, had chambers for torture and human sacrifice.

Lucas also served the cult by abducting children. The cult had a ranch just south of the border. He claimed to be a good friend of Jim Jones of People’s Temple and of delivering cyanide to the good reverend. If he was at Jonestown that day, he may have been involved in something very ugly. Dr. C. Leslie Mootoo, the Guyanese coroner, ruled that only three people died of drinking poison that day. The rest died by lethal injection.

He never made clear if the cult had government ties, but the training camp in Florida that he attended clearly had military ties. It is also known that retired intelligence agents have complained about the CIA using cults as fronts. However, in an earlier ten year incarceration, he was subjected to 4 to 5 hours a day of mental treatment that, if we can believe his account, sounds like the kind of conditioning the Navy subjected prisoners to as a means of creating future commandos and hit men.

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MKULTRA: Government Mind Control Experiments, Part 9

Using Cults as Covers

Colby said the mind control experiments were ended in the 1970s, but it appears there was a second generation of MKULTRA experimenters. Among them was Lt. Col. Michael Aquino (DOB 10/16/46) of the Army=s Psychological Warfare division. He holds a doctorate from the University of California in Political Science Lilith Sinclair (DOB 4/21/42), his wife, worked with him. Aquino recruited Dr. Coltro Guili in Italy and the strange Norwegian Satanist, Bishop Nicholay Frisvold. The latter conducted a number of CIA mind programming operations designed to control Satanism in Scandanavia. Frisvold was also tied to the Red Brigade in Italy, which some believe was inspired by the CIA. Acquino was also tied to the P2 Lodge in Monte Carlo. Leo Lyon Zagami, a 33rd degree Mason and former member of P2 has described the satanic activities within those secret lodges. He was the “prince,” groomed to take over from Lucio Gelli. Kenneth Lanning of the FBI wrote a report entitled “In Pursuit of Satan” that acknowledged that a few instances of it existed, but he denied that it was intergenerational or existed in any organized way. The report effectively foreclosed legal remedies for people who claim to be victims of satanic abuse.

Few historians have taken seriously the impact that the Nazi use of occult symbols had in attracting followers. H.G. Wells wrote a chapter entitled “The Nazi Religion” his The Fate of Man. He claimed they turned Christianity on its head. Jehovah became Woden and the German people were transformed into a noble, superior, chosen people. They talked about “a new world order,” and Wells used that term.

Norway Some insist that Colonel Aquino used one Cathy O’Brien mind control in two 1981 films for military officers as his favorite subject in teaching military officers the art of: “How to Drive a Personality,” and “ How to Create a Sex Slave.” He carried on these experiments through the eighties. He became obsessed with Nazi rituals and satanism and founded the Temple of Set (Power) , an adaptation of the Church of Satan. Aquino had worked under the late Anton Lavey , head of the Church of Satan and another mind controller. Lavey served as a film consultant and did some underground films. Kenneth Anger, was another Lavey disciple, and worked with Shirley Temple, whom some think was a victim. They theorize that through brainstem scanning, which forced the body to build a much stronger brainstem, providng photographic memory .. Who knows? The extent to which the intelligence community has penetrated Hollywood is unknow. Some date it to the 1940s, when the OSS government recruited Bob Hope, an M16 operative. Members of the Temple of Set wear Nazi symbols. Malachi Martin, a former ranking Jesuit in Rome, has claimed that Satanism is practiced in Rome, but his own multiple involvements with the wives of friends calls his claims into question.

The members of the Temple of Set were either programmers of victims of mind control programming. The Temple of Set’s Grand Master is a Doctor Stephen Flower . Some joined under aliases. One who joined this was E. Wayne Cox of Chatham, Louisiana, who needed an alias because he sells left hand severed in ceremonies---they are called the hands of glory. { This seems so wild that one should stop investigating right here!!} Central to satanic worship is sodomizing children. It is believed best to sodomize a child at age three so that the victim will some day become fully enlightened through the complete opening of what they call “the third eye.” That is a reference to the pineal gland, which is found between the two eyes. They believe that sodomy opens the mind to mystical visions and the spirit world. For this reason, they are pedophiliacs. They induct very young children and groom them as their successors., It awakens in them a spirit that claims to be God, and it guides them. They do not want to kill off their children as they need them as successors. Instead they buy children, often from foreign countries. Some may be sacrificed and others trained. Training failures are put down with air injections or some other way and are found in car rashes, etc. She did not believe in aliens, nor did her companions. She did see people being programmed to believe they were mistreated by aliens.

Because using children is important to MK programming, it was natural that the intelligence community worked to take over existing satanic networks. Another key idea is that by drinking other people’s blood one acquire power and energy. As one reads part of the membership list, it seems some are weird, some are adepts, and there seems to be no accounting for the rest.

The Satanists use many symbols including eagles and the phoenix, and they look for the day when a military elite will rule. Butterflies and rainbows are used to symbolize the fact that the inductees were brought near death and came to new life./ Satanists are no friends of Jews, but their highest symbol is the Seal of Solomon, a Star of David with a circle around it. Satanists place gfreat stock in blood lines and in people who come from Satanic families, but they do initiate people with no ties to Satanism. Seasoned Satanists who have risen through the ranks see themselves as gods, subject to no normal rules.

It is all very difficult to take seriously and quite possible part of an elaborate disinformation campaign or sheer fantasy of some sort or other. The sexual abuse exists and seems to be a part of historic Satanism. There is substantial evidence that intelligence agencies have taken over Satanist organizations and the few satanic outlaw outposts within Masonry. Still Satanism is difficult to take seriously, and it is most likely that for the intelligence agencies is more useful to see Satanism not as a religion but as a “ sophisticated and highly effective motivational system for the spread of violence and cultural terrorism.”

Aquino also went to Wewelsburg, a castle used by Heinrich Himmler, where he presided over black magic ceremonies with former SS people. Did he believe this nonsense? Probably not. He must have found that some of his operatives partially believed it and strengthened bonds in this way. His activities could also been part of the effort to take over the cults and deploy them for programming and intelligence purposes.

There is a growing body of evidence that the CIA followed the lead of Great Britain and carried out some of its mind control experiments in off-beat sects, such as that of Jim Jones. Some think that David Koresh was somehow involved in these experiments. Why else would healthy men accept celibacy and turn their wives and daughters over to the sexual use of a religious leader? Koresh was killed by twin head shots and his body burned—both Navy Seal techniques.

The practice of Nordic Satanism is puzzling. Himmler thought black magic was an ancient German tradition, and his practices were designed to show that Hitler was the messiah of toe occult. Perhaps these rituals are useful at some level of consciousness in inoculating people against remorse and instilling the belief that superior people are entitled to act as they wish and take what they want. We know that programmers in Latin America sometimes dressed up in costumes of Satan to terrify the children, but this was also a wonderful cover. People would either not believe the children’s stories about Satan or would think some sick cult was involved.

Sidney Siemer was another important experimenter with a background in military psychological operations. . Various witnesses tell of his involvement in covert operations and use of biological agents and radiation for mind control. His specialty was using biological agents for mind control., and he apparently did some biological experiments for private interests. Some claimed he was tied to the “Finders,” a group that abducted children for experimentation. Siemer was also involved in biological warfare research and have very high security clearance. According to Michael Riconosciuto, he had close connections to the Wackenhut/Cabazon operation, a complex of government experiments that took place at a California Indian reservation. Riconosciuto, by all accounts, was a scientific genius who developed a wide array of weapons for CIA black operations. His greatest accomplishment was refining the stolen computer program PROMIS, which became the basis for the subsequent development of the highly sophisticates spyware in use today. He behind bars today in part because he decided to start telling much of what he knew about black operations and because he gave evidence on behalf of the firm from which the government heisted Promis. His revelations have proven to be accurate. A California judge refused to permit Riconosciuto testify in respect to Siemen. According to legal papers he filed in 2005, his offered to testify resulted in threats against him and his family and his transfer to a prison that had poorer facilities for treating his cancer.

When he left Army Intelligence and the CIA, Siemer acquired a PhD in biochemistry. His daughter Susan claimed regularly molested her, using hypnosis, electroshock, and sensory deprivation to condition her and create enough trauma that her mental system would create a wall that would prevent her from remembering what happened. She claimed he molested other children, and Susan said that as a result of her conditioning , she molester her own children. Law enforcement had her diaries and journals, but in the end nothing was done about her or her father. There was one of her high school friends who said her father molested both of them. That could have been because they were involved in a satanic church accused of also being involved in child molestation and other practices that seemed too hard to believe could occur in the 21st century. Who could believe that her father and his friends were into sacrificing babies, and to whom? No reasonable person can believe in Satan, so the question becomes, why all the satanic ritual? One answer is a fairly lame one. The perpetrators used the satanic nonsense to further frighten their victims into silence. It is more likely that intelligence agencies use satanic cults as covers for other activities. For example, Riconosciuto claimed the sects are used as covers for widespread abduction and mutilation of animals in some areas. Their blood and some of their body parts were needed for experimentation. Identification with the cults also made members feel special, superior to others,, and above the law. This encouraged them to willingly undertake illegal activities.

She also accused him of doing snuff films and told sheriff’s deputies that he asked his followers to murder her husband. Susan said she was willing to go along with the murder in order to become high priestess of a satanic cult. She also told Sheriff’s deputies that she once saw a child subjected by ritual murder by the cult. The claim about snuff films has also been made about occult groups, but why would they do this in an age when all sorts of pornography was easily available. Dr. Siemen was by all accounts a member of the Temple of Set, and it was also claimed he was also a member of the Order of Trapezoid. Her husband, attorney Richard Hamlin, was tried in Placerville, California and sent to prison for life in 2006 for “torture” and using physical force and terroristic threats in what he claimed were efforts to protect his children and prevent his wife from again falling under the influence of her father. The ex-wife had previously been convicted for child endangerment. Though an attorney Hamlin made a number of mistakes that doomed any inquiry into her initial claims of sexual abuse. He was an evangelical Christian who made too much of his desire to convert Susan, and his outspoken opposition to abortion and discussion of weird Satanic practices did even more harm. Her diaries and writings were simply not taken seriously. Who would do such things? Who could believe that her father and his friends were into sacrificing babies, and to whom? No reasonable person can believe in Satan, so the question becomes, why all the satanic ritual? The only answers are fairly lame ones. The perpetrators used the satanic nonsense to further frighten their victims into silence. Hamlin should have focused on sexual abuse and ignored the rest.

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MKULTRA: Government Mind Control Experiments, Part 8

The use of radio waves to control the brain is based rooted in the pioneering research of German psychiatrist Hans Berger, who measured the electronic beats or voltages of the brain in 1924. Over time, the CIA perfected techniques for using radio waves to hypnotize subjects and make suggestions to them. This is called Radio Hypnotic Intracerebral Control.( RHIC). This technique uses stimocevers and intermuscular implants. Suggestions are made, and the will is triggered. The technique was pioneered by t he military, but the oft-cited 350 page manual was produced by the CIA. It also has the ability to erase memory through the use of radio waves-- Electronic Dissolution of Memory (EDOM). In 1977, Senator Richard Schweiker of Pennsylvania questioned Sidney Gottlieb about these techniques. The scientist denied that they existed.

It is also known that emotional states, behavior, and physical well-being can be altered without electrodes by bombarding people with low frequency microwaves. The Soviets believed that this technique could be used for mind control and bombarded the Embassy in Moscow with microwaves over a long period of time. American scientists have been testing these ideas, and the Department of Energy has been measuring the effects of exposure to microwaves. There is but there is no solid evidence that the government is experimenting with microwaves for mind control purposes. However, a reasonable person might assume this is occurring and wonder where subjects for such experiments might be found.

In 1968 Dr. Gordon J.F. McDonald, presidential science advisor, explained to Lyndon Johnson how changes could be made in the earth’s ionosphere which would effect the way people thought and acted. This was at a time when student unrest was at a peak, and there had been in previous years very serious race riots.

Gunther Russbacher’s Comments

Captain Gunther Russbacher (ONI) was once the nation’s ranking Seal and was involved in many black operations. Later in life he started telling some of what he knew and landed in jail on trumpeted up charges. He provided what seems to be the most up-to-date discussion of the current uses of mind control.

He claimed that “Operation Open Eyes” was the effort to find subjects for mind control. It was important to find people who were intelligent and had few or no close relatives.

At levels one and two of hypnosis, the subject is given permanent “trigger” and “ recall” commands. The trigger will activate the subject when that person is about to be used. After the person is thoroughly checked out for possible vulnerabilities, he or she is recalled for further programming and for the future and some small orders to test for the effectiveness of the programming. After carrying out these tasks, the subject is often given a “handler” who will tell him where to report next. Sometimes, no handler is provided and a “trigger” is used. People were screened for levels of patriotism, and those with the highest levels were programmed with all sorts of “Patriotic nonsense.”

At level three, the person is given an “overwrite” of his personality and identity. The old personality and identity are suppressed for varying periods of time. It is similar to being given a multiple personality. The person is programmed to be free of nervousness and conscience. Sometimes this Level Three programming occurs many times. He learns he can do anything his “friends” or programmers say he can do and that he can break the laws of the land without fear or quams. A “recall service order” is installed and he is discharged.

The brightest subjects are given more programming and brought to “the farm,” one of the CIA’s extensive facilities, one of which is Doctors’ Hospital in Dallas. Level Four programming turned him into a “Clear Eyes,” one who thinks he is invincible, super human, and subject to no laws or morality. It takes two or three years to build a new person. The level three overwrite is removed via drugs inserted into the leg, often behind the knee and an entirely new person is created. Later catheters are inserted in the urinary tract, the digestive track, and the neck. Subjects are kept comatose for long periods as they are programmed. As these marks cannot be completely hidden, cover stories involving various accidents are created.

This person has no memory of a past life and is given a new identity with all the necessary papers, bank accounts, etc. Entirely new memories are built beginning in the ages of 9 to 12. He will also have a family history complete with photographs, good and bad memories, grudges, etc. But this family does not exist. However, should this person be arrested in some major crime, people are programmed to appear as his relatives.

Some of these people are inserted into politics and every other important facet of American society.

At level Five, a new and improved trigger is written into the person’s brain. Perhaps it is an intricate number. From there this Clear Eyes goes back into life and functions normally. They often read certain papers where triggers could be printed, such as New Age cults or Christian identity publications. Should he or she be called upon to commit a crime, he or she will not associate with the crime committed. Some are programmed to self-destruct.

He claimed that the people at Jonestown were programmed to at least level three but that something went wrong with the programming of a Clear Eyes at the airstrip when he opened fire on Congressman Leo Ryan and his party. He adds that Delta forces had to be inserted into the Branch Davidian Compound in Waco because seven sleepers had somehow been incorrectly activated and were building some sort of weapon of mass destruction.

Much has been written about Project Monarch, but he claims it was created specifically to sidetrack serious investigators. People were seized and damaged by it, but it was not intended for serious use.

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MKULTRA:Government Mind Control Experiments, Part 8

Dr. Harris Isbel, operated at various National Institute of Mental Health facilities to carry out mind control experiments and test many unproven drugs. The CIA funded him through Navy grants, and he had an infinite number of patients as subjects. The patient rumor mill had it that if they volunteered for testing, they would be rewarded with the drugs of their choice. He later told a Congressional committee that he had inherited the drug pay-off system when he came to Public Service Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky, where many of his experiments were conducted on captive black inmates. In 1975, he defended his practices before a Senate Committee and saw nothing wrong with rewarding inmates with high grade morphine.

We do not know if his work was part of the Navy’s mysterious project Chapter. There were two Army projects in mind control that also remain complete mysteries: Third Chance and Derby Hat.

Lt. Commander Thomas Narut told a conference of NATO psychiatrists in Oslo that the Navy, most likely Office of Naval Intelligence, has taken killers from military prisons, reprogrammed them and distributed them around the world, tying them to US embassies. He said they were assassins and hit men who were trained for various commando and black ops. Dr. Alfred Zitani, another American delegate, confirmed for the Times of London what Narut had said.

Rodney Hadley Stark was working for the CIA when he furnished a group of West Coast ex-bikers known as Brotherhood of Love with LSD to peddle as they wished. Some think this was an effort to reduce the effectiveness of political activists in the 1960s. Timothy Leary was also tied to these people. Stark was multi-lingual, had ties to right-wing elements and intelligence people in Italy, and probably had something to do with the kidnapping and murder of ex-premier Aldo Moro. Scott Jones; CIA; mind control

C.B. Scott Jones, a former ONI officer, is considered something of the Cardinal Richelieu of all these mind programs. He seems everywhere and nowhere at the same time. He is known to research the UFO phenomenon. Martin Cannon thinks that some subjects have been programmed to associate what happened to them with UFO abductions. These “screen memories” may have been created to cover experiment terminations with many subjects. It is known that amnesia can be induced and that new memories can be created to cover this lost memory

The army at Fort Dietrick has done mind control experiments, and Dr.Andrija Puharich was a major figure in this project since the fifties. In addition to the usual foci, it included electromagnetic experiments. In the Nixon years, there was much interest in electronic stimulation of the brain as well as the use of uiltrasonics and radiation. In 1981, David Brinkley wrote in NBC Magazine about Russian experiments with the brain through electronic stimulation. By then it was known that the Russians were also working with strong broadband transmissions. It is been known since the 1960s that brain implants can be inserted easily and at least produce feelings of pain and pleasure. Project Moonstruck began in 1952 and aimed at placing implants in the brain and teeth. It was also known since the 1930s that remote electronic waves can be used to hypnotize. In 1963, three scientists from Boston placed implants in the brains of three VC prisoners at Bien Hoa Hospital. The implanting was successful but the doctors were unable to make the prisoners attack each other, so the three were shot. How far this knowledge has been carried is unclear. There was also speculation in the late seventies, that electronic processes could not only wipe out memories, they could also wipe out large periods of time subjects. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is also involved in these activities.

The experimenters are also interested in ESP, a defense mechanism found in some people which is probably a holdover from primitive times. There was also a strong interest in remote viewing (RV) and in training people to deliver messages exactly and then completely forget them. AS for remote viewing, a Freedom of Information request in 1972 turned up CIA Technical Services Contract 8473 with the Scientologists for remote viewing services.

Attorney David Rosebaum found that about 100 employees at a Monaca, Pa. Chemical plant had died strange deaths. Members of their families who asked questions also had a high mortality rate. He found that men on the plant’s medical staff had subjected at least two women to hypnosis under traumatic conditions. Both men were in a cult called the Order of the Fourth Reich. Later he learned that other employees were subjected to this treatment and also that they were being taught how to “remember to forget. “ Drugs were used to help victims regress to childhood. Some of the victims though they had dealings with Joseph Mengele, and whoever this Mengele really was, he told one person that he had programmed Lee Harvey Oswald—almost certainly these comments were meant to be disinformation. They believed “Mr. Halloran,” a second torturer/programmer, was a CIA man.

Second Generation Experiments

CIA director William Colby said the agency stopped all the mind control experiments in the early seventies. However, CIA veteran Victor Marchetti was to establish that Colby’s claim was untrue. The agency claimed MKULTRA had not been very successful, when in fact it had been very successful. Another veteran agent , Miles Copeland, said narcohypnosis had been taken so far it had been drained dry. The intelligence community had moved on into psychoelectronics. Yale’s Dr Jose Delgado, a native of Franco’s Spain, was the most successful experimenter in this new area, called ESB (electronic stimulation of the brain.) . He placed small probes in the brain of a child and contacted it via FM radio waves with his “stimocever.” One of his subjects was trained to call him “Herr Doctor.” He once tested his invention in a Madrid bull ring. He entered the ring completely unprotected to face a raging bull that had been given a cranial implant. Delgado let the bull come fairly close before pushing a button on a black box he was carrying. The bull turned and walked away. He also experimented with cats, placing in them sound sensors that broadcasted conversations to remote receivers. His major work was Physical Control of the Mind: Toward a Psychocivilized Society. By inventing implants, he sent mind control experiments off in a new director. In 1966, he said the day would come when brain control would be handled by non-human operators—elaborate computers. The new thrust was upon “cordless mind control.” In this way, he could create many different emotions, including lust, rage, and fatigue. His work was funded by the Office of Naval Intelligence. He believed that through these techniques humankind could be “psychocivilized” and that 'humans can be controlled like robots by push buttons'

The original implants from the fifties and sixties were bulky, but progress was soon made in miniaturizing them. Strides were also made in building tracking implants that would permit controllers to keep closer tabs on their subjects. Technology improved to the point where Joseph A. Myers of the National Security Agency suggested it would be useful put implants in half the people arrested in the United States, particularly urban dwellers. He thought experiments in this should begin in Harlem.

Later, the University of California’s Dr Ross Adey learned that he could effect brain waves by using special radio waves. Allen Frey found that using radiowaves he could create different sounds in the brain and could induce sleep. Another scientist, Joseph Sharp of Walter Reed learned how to use electromagnetic impulses to make words be heard in people heads. This would help the deaf but also be of great use to the black bag boys and girls.

In 1974, DOD scientist J. F. Scapitz began combining drug techniques with electromagnetic experiments to effect the way people thought. His techniques did not require implanting devices to receive and decode impulses. Moreover, the target or subject would have no idea what was taking place. However, the intelligence agency still works with nanochips and microchips, which can do far more intelligence work. Some of the chips emit radiation and are triggered by nuclear energy. Nanochips are so small they can be ingested with food. The techniques that do not depend upon implants are more useful for warfare and influencing the health of enemies. They are the basis for many “non lethal weapons.” There is some evidence, particular coming from the United Kingdom, that microwaves or “non-lethal weapons, are being used make life uncomfortable for dissidents. In the United States, FBI whistleblower Gerald Sosbee claims that microwaves are being used to disrupt his sleep and induce nausea. It is known that Project Pandora, begin in 1965, tested the effects of microwave stimulation on chimpanzees.

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