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Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Child Abduction-Child Sex Trail Goes Cold

So many gaps, contradictions, and disinformation color reports about government sponsored child abduction and abuse, that whatever the real story is, we will probably never know it. We are all conditioned to believe that these sorts of things simply could not happen. Even if there were twice as much partial information available, it would be hard to believe government could be involved, and the story would still be so incomplete that it would be consigned to speculation. According to Nobel laureate, many people–probably a majority– are wired emotionally in such a way that they cannot accept very much bad news about their leaders or society. These folks can rest easy, and the people he calls “realists” will continue to be uneasy because there is more than enough evidence to prompt worry.

A number of sources indicate that Roy Cohn operated a prostitution as early as the fifties and that CIA agent Edwin Wilson was connected with it so that mind control experiments could be carried out by permitting subjects to act out in real life their sexual fantasies. There is a little good information linking the 1950s operation to that of the seventies, which involved both these men. There is some information about a CIA sexual blackmail operation in the 1960s.

Former agent Frank Terpil wrote about agent Ed Wilson’s role in the blackmail operation of the seventies and added that photographs were taken by the agency’s Technical Services Division. The service was used to blackmail members of both parties as well as high government and military officials. Child sex was available, and prominent names were associated with the sex ring, including a future vice president and a very sanctimonious member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Some report that Wilson did not operate the ring in the eighties; it passed to a higher official at Langley. There is only a little information on where the children were obtained. One good source say some came from Covenant House, back in the days when it was operated by a priest who was later removed for sexual abuse.

The names of the people allegedly operating government-tied sex rings are always the same and they are also associated with various Iran /Contra operations and various activities ast the Capizon Indian Reservation in Indo, California. This suggest that only a small minority of government agents are tied to the various illegal activities associated with the CIA, NSA, and FBI since the late seventies. This is comforting in a sense, but it also confirms the claim that a small network of right-wing intelligence people inside and outside the government called “The Enterprise” took shape in the late seventies and has been at work ever since. It emerged in opposition to Jimmy Carter but became an instrument of official policy in the Reagan-Bush,Srs. years. Its status now is unknown. When Bill Clinton said there was “ a government within a government” that he could not control, he may have had this in mind.

There are reports of children being moved through airstrips at Sheridan, Oregon, China Lake, California, and Santa Rosa, California. The latter airstrip sees the most traffic and is operated by FEMA. Of course, that airstrip is near Bohemian Grove, where child sex abuse is alleged to have occurred.

The name that crops up with greatest frequency is that of a man in Division Five of the FBI, who also worked for the CIA. He ran weapons in Iran Contra and did black bag jobs for J. Edgar Hoover. He admitted to Stewart Webb that he was involved in molesting children and said he could not leave black operations until George Herbert Walker Bush permitted it. Later in life in married a woman in the Church of Satan. Now he has infiltrated the ranks of people investigation child abuse and survivors organizations.

There are several survivors’ organizations that are obviously infiltrated by agents of the perpetrators and some people who probably never experienced child abuse. All the survivors claim they were snatched by government agents. They also say they were subjected to various experiments and became intelligence operatives and sex slaves. Some tell some unbelievable stories. Maybe they were preprogrammed to provide this disinformation to make all their claims seem ridiculous. On the other hand, their stories have many commonalities regarding techniques, people, places, and the like.

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