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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Washington Sex Ring Stories Virtually Ignored

Alternative news reporter Tom Flocco writes that since 2000 Jack Abramoff has operated a sex ring in the Sheraton and Ritz Carlton hotels in Washington for influential Republicans. The sexual services of children, bisexuals, homosexuals, lesbians, and others were available for White House and Congressional Republicans as well as journalists. Ranking federal officials, military brass, and media hosts also used the service.

For some time, sex with children centered at Hilton because it had very secure areras to hide vehicles and move children--sometimes drugged--through hallways without the possibility of video surveillance. After employees became suspicious, the child sex operation was moved.

Some people who are incapable of mature sexual relationships prefer sex with children. But in other cases, it seems to be a mixture of sexual attraction and what has been called “libido dominandi.” People who are greatly attracted to accumulating power and wealth find sex with children particularly satisfying because it is easier to exercise complete power over children. To a degree it is a matter of “power tends to corrupt.”

Tom Hennigan, another investigator, claims that federal agents are leaking information about this ring that turned up in the Abramoff investigation and was suppressed. They claim there are photographs of prominent people in compromising positions. He adds that an important Senate leader and possible presidential candidate has visited these parties and is a friend of Victor Ashe, George W. Bush's college roomate. According to him, Jeff Gannon, introduced one leading Republican journalist as well as a ranking British politician to these sex parties.

There was little connection to the Mark Foley scandal except that what seemed to be Abramoff money was channelled to one of the ex-page's families. Another investigative reporter claims that Foley and Jeff Gannon recruited important people for the sex ring.

This information suggests that the Abramoff sex parties were separate from those sponsored by two San Diego Republicans at two other hotels. There was no evidence that those two men offered sex with children. That scandal-- a year old, called Hookergate" and now almost forgotten--involved about 15 Republicans from the House Appropriations Committee, who had access to sex in return for their votes. Two high-ranking figures from the CIA also attended these parties and have since resigned.

All this is reminescent of two sex rings in the 1980s that were mostly patronized by Republicans, intelligence people, and foreign dignitaries. Information about these rings is now appearing on numerous places on the internet. As in the case of the alleged Abramoff ring, children were involved as well as photographs.

Count on it. The alleged Abramoff sex ring will not become national news.


Thomas said...

Very interesting 'stuff' you keep here. No wonder I have never seen it before :-)

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In the meantime you might enjoy



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heather said...

I've bookmarked your blog--it's rare to find anyone similarly obsessed with the hypocrisy of it all..thanks!

heather said...

...and egads, ugh, oh no...jeff Gannon, again?!!!

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