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Thursday, April 19, 2007

MICHAEL RICONOSCIUTO: The Math/Science Wizard who Said Too Much; Part 6

Riconscuito has been handled as though he was a serial killer, being moved from prison to prison to prison and being subjected to unusual punishments. The federal prosecutor ridiculed the claim that Riconosciuto could be involved with the intelligence community and said work could not be done on software on the reservation because sand interferes with computers. He received 30 years for possessing chemical solvents that could be used to manufacture illegal drugs.

Today,.prisoner Riconoscuito is dying of cancer and is in a facility ill equipped to treat him. He had previously served two years in prison in the seventies on drug charges, and psychiatrists found him unstable and having a poor grip on reality. He had stashed various documents in a trailer in Vallejo, California, think they would assure his safety and freedom. They did not, and eventually permitted the Canadian Royal Mounted Police officers Sean McDade and Randy Buffam to access the documents in 2000. They were trying to decide whether their government had purchased stolen software when it acquired PROMIS software and whether there were ways US intelligence people could get into that software in Canada. Cheri Seymour, a southern California reporter who had emptied another Riconosciuto trailer, worked with them. The Mounties found ample evidence that Riconosciuto worked for Wackenhut for a long time developing weapons of various sorts and they found some evidence that the CIA operation on the reservation was tied to organized crime and to powerful interests in the entertainment industry. According to Michael’s acquaintance Professor Orlin Grabbe, he was thrown into the “hole” at Allenwood after reports surfaced about what he told the RCMP. The Canadians later found that what Michael told them checked out with what British MI6 had on him and the reservation.

Up to this point, evidence can be developed to support his claims. He has made other claims that have not been verified. Riconosciuto spent years working with people who were involved in all sorts of black operations, and he seems to have reached the point where he could believe almost any evil scheme attributed to government. Hence, he thinks government scientists knew they were spreading AIDs when testing HIV vaccines in Greater New York in the late 1970s and he also believed reports in the early 1990s that the government was testing software that would allow it to monitor an infinite number of telephone calls anywhere in the world. Of course, in the latter case this turned out to be true.

Riconosciuto hypothesized that the Oklahoma City bombing(April 19, 1995) could have involved the use of one of his bombs because the primitive McVeigh device could not have sheared structural steel. He added that it looked like a well-controlled blast and that this could not be done by the average person; it required volumetric initiation by means of sophisticated electronic circuits. General Benton K. Partin , who tested most non nuclear bombs for the Air Force, wrote that the McVeigh device could not have done all the damage that was done to the Alfred P. Murrah Building.

He told an journalist Michael Lindemann that he tried to get a helicopter full of documents out of the Nevada Test Site but that it blown out of the air, taking five people to their deaths. He said the documents involved illegal biogenic experiments and illegal aliens. Lindermann asked him if there were any extraterrestrials there and Michael said he did not know. He did say that the US had some propuolsion vehicles that looked a bit like flying saucers. The Messerschmit BO-105 chopper did indeed go in the worst accident in the history of the Nevada Test Site. The rest cannot be verified. However, there are reports that he told an interviewer that he witnessed an autopsy of an alien body. Perhaps he was referring to the famous and controversial filmed autopsy that appeared on television.

In 1991, Riconosciuto claimed to be staying at the apartment of Robert Booth and Ellen Nichols in Nicosia Cyprus, monitoring efforts to regain American hostages in Lebanon. He claimed that the bombing of Pan Am 103 was connected to a DEA “controlled operation” that involved Lebanon and Cyprus. The DEA was permitting some drugs to pass through as bait for arrests to be made in the US. controlled DEA. The Syrian mob ran a Casino du Liban, from whence they ran drugs. It was these drugs that were in the controlled delivery. Michael claimed that some CIA people were using this cover to send some “noncontrolled” drugs to the US. Tony Asmar, a German Lebanese, figured out what was going on and lost his life for having this knowledge. Michael thought a senior DEA official was involved. He also named Bub McFarland and Michael McManus, former assistant to Ronald Reagan, as being involved. The story contradicts the official story and it seemed far-fetched, but the passage of time has proven him to be correct in most details. Some writers have assumed that the rogue operation was for private profit, but it was more PanAM 103; CIA;DEA; likely intended largely to raise money for the government. . Retired Mossad agent Rafi Eitan affirms that he had met Michael in Lebanon and that Michael had talked about working for the DEA out of a safe house in Cyprus. .

Thirty-four days before the bombings of two US embassies in Africa, he notified the FBI in Miami that the bombings would occur. Two days before the bombings, he asked the Coleman, florida Bureau of Prison authorities for permission to telephone ECOMOG to warn African security officials. The request was denied.

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