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Saturday, April 28, 2007

MKULTRA: Government Mind Control Experiments, Part 2

A witness followed her and explained how Claudia’s testimony had been validated by experts. Ms. Mullin claimed she was used to compromise Senator Frank Church when he was investigating the CIA.

Chris, another witness said that her father, who sexually abused her, was in the military and was involved in the mind control experiments, working with a “DR. Greene.” She said that her father would take her out of the house at night, while her mother was sleeping, for various experiments. Claudia said the Dr. Greene she knew was L. Wilson Greene. Greene sometimes tied her down in a cage. Chris and Claudia both said that Greene used disguises when he first dealt with them. Chris described several radiation experiments. One was clearly tied to mind control, but it is difficult to see how the others were.

These 1995 hearings by the Presidential Advisory Commission on Human Radiation Experiments showed that at least eighteen people were injected with plutonium without their knowledge. Valerie B. Wolf, a New Orleans psychotherapist and social worker, discussed some of the survivors she had treated and was subsequently stripped of her license as a therapist.


In 1953, Allen Dulles, director of the CIA, told a gathering of Princeton alumni that there were two fronts in the battle for men’s minds. The first front included propaganda, censorship, and mass indoctrination. The second involved “brain changing” and “ brainwashing.” The government’s mind control experiments have been called MKUltra and Project Monarch. { Monarch was entirely different and created for disinformation purposes.]People who were connected with the project call it the Freedom Train for some reason. There are many tapes of the experiments carried out in the forties and fifties on model Candy Jones ( real name Jessica Wilcox, and CIA alias Arlene Grant) and her husband. Before leaving office in 1973, CIA Director Richard Helms ordered all UKULTRA records destroyed. In June, 1975, a commission headed by Nelson Rockefeller revealed that the CIA had been engaging in mind control experiments. Later, Stansfield Turner, Director of the CIA, told Congress about the experiments in a very general way.

According to CIA director William Colby they had been abandoned b y the late 1970s. John Marks, the best researcher on mind control, says this was technically true because programs , once completed, were moved to operational areas. The CIA inspector general John Earman later noted that John J. McClone, Helms’ successor, was never adequately briefed on MKUltra.

The September 4, 2000 issue of the Norway Post revealed that even the government of Norway was injecting children, psychiatric patients, and others with LSD in the 1950s and 1960s. Ten of its subjects died. One reason for the urgency of the mind control experiments was that world had had seen what the Chinese communists had been able to do with the minds of US prisoners. It was also known that the USSR had seized many German scientists who had experimented with mind control. People who studied films of the Hungarian show trials of Joseph Cardinal Mindszenty were taken by how effectively he had been brain-washed. By the end of the Korean War, 70% of the 7,190 erican prisoners held in China signed confessions. The Chinese also had some success reeducating American prisoners. Far more recently, Moslem terrorists kidnapped Beruit CIA station Chief William Buckley and turned him over to Dr. Aziz al-Abub for mind control experiments. The CIA was certain the Communists would try to use drugs on American officials, and Sidney Gottlieb ( 1918-1999) told Congress in September 1977 that drugs were probably secretly slipped to members of Nixon’s staff while on a foreign visit.

Knowledge of government mind control experiments and operations is limited. They are together called MK-Ultra . The latter term does not appear in government documents. During World War II, the US carried out mind control experiments mainly at McGill University in Canada, but also at Cornell under the direction of Dr. D. Ewen Cameron ( 1901-1967), a Canadian psychiatrist. Many of his experiments were conducted in Canada were jointly funded by the CIA and Canadian government. Cameron was born in Scotland, was tall and blue-eyed, and wore custom-made suites. He had served on the Nuremberg Tribunal, judging Nazi doctors. He was head of both the Canadian and US psychiatric associations. A West Coast psychiatrist who worked for him thought he lacked sufficient humanity to be a physician. He was pretty cold, blooded. His main interest was in “depatterning,” breaking undesirable patterns of behavior by removing some ideas and ways of thinking. Also at Cornell was Harold Wolff, who worked in mind control with his partner Lawrence Hinkle. These three men were North American probably the best investigators in the field. One of his projects was to train and program 100 Chinese refugees as detection-proof agents, but it is unlikely any were ever reinserted in China.

. After the war, it imported Nazi and Italian Fascist scientists through "Operation Paperclip.” Its first name was “Overcast.” There is no question that a large number of Nazi scientists were brought to the United States, and that some of them worked on mind control experiments. Carmel Offie worked out of the State Department at the end of World War II and specialized tracking Nazi scientists who had eluded Operation Paperclip, which was to bring them to the US. In all 796 Nazi scientists and engineers were brought to the US, many of them were “ardent Nazis.” He acted as a booking agent and brought people to the US with sanitized dossiers. In 1949 he ran operation Bloodstone, a project to bring in 250 more Nazis whose background had been too heinous to merit recruiting before this. He was also recruiting former Nazi secret police, and by then, was probably with the new CIA.

Numerous victims of the experiments have insisted that Dr. Joseph Mengele, the most notorious Germany scientist, worked on these experiments in the United States and Canada until his likely 1979 death. In North America, he used music—particularly the violin—for programming purposes. A great deal has been written about the use of country music for programming and drug distribution. It has been said that all this is tied to Mengele’s activities, but this writer still cannot make the connection.


Chus said...

Amidst the subtle cerebral circumvention of the gullible populace, through a multitude of manipulated mediums, lies one of the most diabolical atrocities perpetrated upon a segment of the human race; a form of systematic mind control which has permeated every aspect of society for almost fifty years.To objectively ascertain the following, one may need to re-examine preconceived ideologies relating to the dualistic nature of mankind.

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