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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ptech: Successor to Promis Software, Part 3

They had also been probing BMI, and concluded that it had financed the bombings to two embassies in East Africa. In 2002, one of them Robert Wright, stood weeping on the US Capitol steps, apologizing that he did not do more to save lives on September 11, 2002. He was then muzzled. On the other hand, an agent born in Egypt was twice promoted after refusing to wear a wire while talking to one terrorist suspect and refusing to tape a telephone conversation with another.

Some of the owners of Ptech, she found, when working as Maktab Al-Khidamat-- had funded the Afghan mujahadeen in the eighties, and she joined others in suggesting that they pumped some money into the Brooklyn cell that attacked the World Trade Center in 1993. That organization morphed into a firm known as Mitre, and with Booz & Hamiltoon, now operates Ptech. James Woolsey is a director of Booz and Hamiltoon. Joe Bergantino hired an investigator to keep track of the Ptech people and found that they had a warehouse in a area from whence drugs were shipped. Government officials persuaded WBZ not to air his story, and ABC's Brian Ross and NBC's Lisa Myers= stories on Ptech met the same fate.

Singh became so upset by the FBI's bungling of the case that she went to Senator Charles Grassley, who promised to look into it. He also found someone to be her bodyguard. Nothing ever came of his investigation. This writer has found several other touchy cases where he has tried to do the right thing and also protect the whistleblower. In most of these instances, the senator seemed to find it necessary to back off.

Bergantino found that Ptech's software was used by many federal agencies, but federal investigators told him not to air his findings at they would damage an on-going investigation. However the government delayed even looking into Ptech and the firm had almost a year to destroy records. As a result of Singh and Bergantino=s work, Ptech was finally raided by Operation Greenquest ( a program to find those who finance terrorism) on December 6, 2002. Bergantino was not alerted, and someone else got the exclusive coverage of the story. After the raid, White House press secretary Ari Fleischer almost immediately said Ptech was clean. Green Quest was a Customs-led operation, and Michael Chertoff at Justice had unsuccessfully tried to seize control of it. Powerful Republican strategist Grover Norquist denounced the raid.

Some who believe the US government itself was behind 9/11 fear that Singh is spreading CIA disinformation that Al Qaeda exists as an independent entity. A few take her surmise that Cheney was operating a Ptech program in the White House bunker to mean that he was interfering with FAA-NORAD efforts to respond. Her information on Ptech and its ownership is not disputed. She clams that intelligence sources told her that the people who financed the firm had drug business ties to the CIA that extended back to BCCI days, but she has remained deliberately vague on that subject.

Some on the very far left believe Singh is spreading CIA disinformation that Al Qaeda
One reason there is so much interest in Ptech software is that air traffic controllers saw more than the usual number of unidentified flights that day. But most interesting was the "phantom flight 11" mentioned in the 911 Commission report. It was still on screens at 9:24 AM , after the NORAD war games had ceased and after the Pentagon had been struck. Was the FAA getting mistaken information provided by manipulation of its Ptech software by other Ptech software? Singh thinks the reports on what Cheney was doing in the White House bunker suggest he was using Ptech software. Perhaps he was trying to track what was going on. There was also the possibility that someone else was using it to confuse the FAA and NORAD. We're not likely to know if this occurred.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sherman,

I'm researching Ptech now and your piece is quite helpful as there were a couple of things I didn't know.

I have one question abouut one of your claims. You saw that Ptech has become Mitre and that Booz, et. al. have been running it. Mitre is a massive non-profit military and government contractor that's been around for many years. What is your source for these claims? I've learned that Mitre uses Ptech software in their work for the government or did so at least with the FAA contract. I also know that ptech became GoAgile but I have not heard of any kind of buyout or merger with Mitre or one involving Booz.

I would be grateful for any leads and sourcing you have for this article and also for links to parts I and II.

Thank you very much.

Kyle F. Hence

Mike Philbin said...

I wonder how many people are also investigating Ptech or the risk architecture software they evolved into since 9/11.

You know, Sherman, you could repost a couple of the blogposts as articles on the Alex Jones information website by sending emails to writers@infowars.com

Great stuff.

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