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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The DEath of Dorothy Hunt: Probing the Assassination of JFK, Part 4

There is also a well-known picture of a young George H.W. Bush standing to the right of the main entrance of the Texas School Book Depository that gives pause because the resemblance is so strong. Like Nixon, Bush has offered different stories of where he was that day. According to a memorandum written by SAC Grasham W. Kitchel, Bush was in Dallas on November 22 and stayed at the Sheraton-Dallas Hotel. A November 29, 1963 J. Edgar Hoover memo refers to George Bush as a CIA man.

Bush had ties to George DeMohrenschildt, a fervent anti-Communist and Texas oil man , was one of Oswald’s close friends and possibly a CIA handler. DeMohrenschildt’s son-in-law told the Warren Commission that it was likely he was somehow involved in Kennedy’s death. . A November 29, 1963 J. Edgar Hoover memo refers to George Bush as a CIA man.

A March 3, 1964 memo from John McCone to James J. Rowley proves that Oswald had been trained by ONI for service in the Soviet Union. Oswald’s Marine Corps G-2 files remain classified as do some FBI materials. It is also clear that for some reason the CIA suppressed records about Oswald’s visit to Mexico City and that the FBI knew about this and went along. It was known for certain that someone impersonating Oswald called the soviet mission in Mexico City and that the photos of Oswald entering the embassy were not reliable. As late as January, 1964 CIA Counterterrorism Chief James Angleton was using this discredited evidence to attempt to sell the Warren Commission on the idea that Oswald worked for the KGB.

. On March 28, 1878, the House Select Committee on Assassinations learned from former CIA accountant that Lee Harvey Oswald was on the CIA payroll. Hunter Leake, number two man in the CIA station in New Orleans, told historian Michael Kurtz, that the station used Oswald as a courier. He told Kurtz that a trailer would have to be used to transport all the paperwork on Oswald’s involvement with the agency . Evidence developed later that Oswald was also an FBI informer.

In August, 1978, Victor Marchetti, a former CIA agent, wrote in the Liberty Lobby’s Spotlight that Hunt, Frank Sturgis, and Gerald “Jerry” Patrick Hemming were involved in the plot to kill Kennedy. Hemmings was a soldier of fortune and gun-runner with ties to Santo Trafficante. In 1978 testimony that was sealed until 1993, Hemmings said that he distrusted Sturgis and thought he was tied to military intelligence. He also described a 1962 meeting in the home of Louis Rabel, where the assassination of Castro was present and De Mohrdenschildt was present with piles of hundred dollar bills. Hemmings said he was home in Miami when Kennedy was killed and he insisted that the Lorenz story was false.It was his impression that Sturgis was in Dallas as were some other Miami people. He had met Oswald twice and was surprised by how much Oswald knew about him. At one point, Oswald was trying to infiltrate a team that was to kill Castro. He met Ruby in 1959.

Marchetti said that Marita Lorens provided information on this. Later two other writers repeated the story. His claims about the three men was based on a CIA memo which the House Special Committee on Assassinations chose not to publish. In the ensuing litigation over the article, Mark Lane represented the Liberty Lobby at one time.. In 1995, he convinced a jury that the CIA been involved in the assassination. It developed that Marchetti had consulted Alan Weberman, James Angleton, William Corson, Richard Helms, Stansfield Turner, G. Gordon Liddy, Martina Lorenz, and David Atlee Phillips.

Marita Lorenz , told Gaeton Fonzi “A month or so prior to November 22nd, 1963, I joined Frank Fiorini ( aka. Frank Sturges), Ozzie (Lee Harvey Oswald), others, Cubans in our group and drove in two cars to the home of Orlando Bosch . This… “highly secret meeting” in Bosch’s home was to discuss certain streets in Dallas, Texas… There was talk of a “highly powerful rifle” and discussions of “feet,” “building,” “timings,” “contacts,” “silence,” etc.” She added that just before the assassination she drove to Dallas with Bosch, Strugis, Pedro Diaz Lanz , another exile leader, and “two Cuban brothers whose names she does not know”. Fonzi argues that in this interview “Marita Lorenz had impressed me as a fairly credible witness”. Her account also appeared in the New York Daily News, November 3, 1977.


Anonymous said...

The very best site I can think of, relating to the assassination of what was last century's most popular president, by the poll numbers one week prior to his assassination, John F. Kennedy, would be www.jfkmurdersolved.com.
There you will see a film clip showing Oswald trying to sell a large pistol-type gun to none other than Frank F. Sturgis. You will see also Marita Lorenz, and E. Howard Hunt (putting on sun-glasses). Even David Ferrie might be visible in the film.

In her testimony in a videotaped interview with Nigel Turner, and now her own video, Judyth Vary Baker clearly shows us that Oswald really had to have been a double agent, working "for" the CIA, but reporting on CIA/anti-Castro Cuban exile training camps, causing them to close down due to JFK's orders after the Cuban Missile Crisis.

It looks much like Oswald was in an extremely dangerous position,given that it appears he was reporting on the at that time illegal CIA operations, to the FBI as Informant #S-2-179.

He was controlled by David Atlee Phillips of the CIA's Western Hemisphere Division. Phillips also was the controller of James Earl Sutton/later Files, who has proven, with a spent bullet casing with a dent at the open end of it, that no one knew the cause of, until Files told investigator, Bob Vernon, and FBI Special Agent, Zack Shelton, that "if they found the bullet casing from the shot he fired from behind the picket fence, it would contain his teeth-marks at the open end. Files was later shown the bullet AFTER 5 odontological forensic pathologists identified the indentations as having been made by human dentition.

Files has proven his case. He is alive and well as a prisoner at Stateville Prison, Joliet, Illinois. He is 65 years old this year. Files identified the bullet casing as the one he left on the fence, now some 44 years ago.

Files, during the week prior to the assassination met a man he knew well, from the days running up to the second planned invasion of Cuba that JFK planned after the failure at the Bay of Pigs. He ran guns from Chicago's mob that he worked only as a low-level driver for. He transfered them to one, Lee Harvey Oswald in Clinton, Louisiana. There is a picture of Files taken at the Lamplighter Motel in Mesquite, Texas, near Dallas. He said it was taken by Lee Harvey Oswald. They knew each other.

Oswald, who was good at keeping secrets, then reported his awareness of the assassination plot to the FBI office in Dallas. it resulted in the famous "note, hand-delivevered by Oswald to the FBI office, that was sent to all 100 FBI field offices across the country.

On the Monday after Oswald delivered the Note to Special Agent, James Hosty, J. Edgar Hoover went on nationwide TV to say that the reported "note was a hoax."

The assassination occurred near the end of the following week.

He thought he was reporting to the FBI as a good and faithful citizen and former US Marine. Hoover, Nixon, LBJ, Gov. Connolly of Texas, all the main big oil boys of Texas, and their mob friends from Chicago, New Orleans, and Miami, all of whom knew Oswald personally, had set the trap for the next day. Kennedy and Oswald were both set up. One to be killed by the CIA and organized crime. The other to take the blame for it.
Oswald was shot by the same people who shot Kennedy.

The above is, I would have to say, the now confirmed truth.

E. Howard Hunt's recently released by his son, St. John Hunt, just after E. Howard's death, recorded "confession," mentions the names of Sturgis, and David (Atlee) Philips.

The real truth is now out, to be understood by all Americans who give one whit about Constitutional government.

The CIA has done all it could to prevent the above facts from ever seeing the light of day.

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