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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

MKULTRA: Government Mind Control Experiments, Part 4

Part 4

An important American experimenter was Dr. James E. Ketcham. He later revealed tghat the Army believed that the Soviets had a major LSD experimentation program because they imported huge amounts of rye from their satellites. He also worked with deliriants like belladonna. The retarded children of military personnel were used for experiments at a site near Dallas according to Ken Wooden of Princeton

There were other important experimenters including Heinrich Mueller, alias Dr. Blue or Gog, and his two sons , also physicians. Some times thew were known as Teddy Bear (Theodore) and Robin Hood (Michael). . The experiments were carried on at many military bases and civilian locations, always under cover of innocent-sounding projects. Important work was done at Englewood Arsenal, Maryland, where Friedrich Hoffman carried out psychochemical experiments. Also involved there was Dr. Hubertus Strunghold, who had done experiments on truth serums at Dachau, using mescaline and psychedelics. His work for us was appropriately called Project Chatter. Six other Nazi scientists were there.

There were Nazi directed experiments on American citizens here and at a mental hospital in New York City. Other experiments that were follow-ups on Dacuau work succeeded in dissolving memory via electronic shock ( ORD—psychoelectronics) in the sixties. At six Nazi doctors had experimented with radiation and mind control were brought into the MKULTRA program.

Nazi scientists believed mind control worked best when the subjects were conditioned as children. Experiments centered on enhancing memory, control of behavior , and developing enhanced interrogation techniques and preparing people to resist vigorous interrogation. Techniques included electronic shock, hypnosis, forms of torture, and drugs including the development of LSD. Germans at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute were experimenting with LSD in the 1930s, and Dr. Max Rinkel, who had worked there, fled Germany and brought news of LSD to American authorities. He fled to Boston before the war but did not give the drug to Army scientists until 1949, at which time he and others began working on it for the military. The army air force paid Hermann Becker-Freysing, who was sentenced to twenty years by the Nuremburg Tribunal, to write everything he could remember about his mind control experiments.

It was found that creating multiple personalities was essential to some forms of mind control, and it is known that experiments were conducted with children as young as eleven, who had electrodes attached to their brains. Project Bluebird, operating in the 1950s, involved multiple personalities. This project was later renamed ARTICHOKE. Early mind control experiments also involved LSD. Related projects were MKACTION, MKNAOMI, and BLUEBIRD. MKNAOMI developed poisons. MKDELTA was the code word for the operations against suspected enemy agents. A number of pharmaceutical companies were government contractors in the search for mind control drugs. The CIA mind control experiments were placed under its Technical Services Staff in 1953 and were given the collective name MKULTRA

An important objective was finding a workable truth serum. Drugs were also expected to be useful in programming people. MKSEARCH, another program, lasted longer than the others and was still active in the 1970s, BLUEBIRD was an experiment into conditioning designed to prevent the extraction of information. Edward Hunter, an OSS veteran from the China theater, sold the CIA on the idea that the Communists were far ahead of Americans in brainwashing. He maintained that this explained the confessions by Korean War prisoners held by the enemy. They were claiming that the US had been using germ warfare, something that is highly likely in view of the fact that the US hired Japan’s germ warfare experts. Hunter later became an important member of the John Birch Society

Common techniques included sleep deprivation, sensory deprivation, bodily function deprivation, various forms of trauma, drug induced comas, electric shock, and endless interrogations designed to induce certain answers from patients. Another approach to programming subjects was through the use of sexual training and abuse. It was a way of stripping people of all moral structures. It was also desirable to create multiple personalities so that in one personality because this helped the subjects forget actions they had carried out under programming. Other experiments that were follow-ups on Dachau work succeeded in dissolving memory via electronic shock in the sixties. There was also programs designed to create very elite soldiers, which borrowed from Dr. Joseph Mengele's efforts to create perfect men. . Some received a programming that makes possible self-destruction. Some information on the early phases of the program can be found in Orlikow, et al. Vs the U.S. ( 1988) . Eventually all programming based upon intense trauma was replaced by programming almost exclusively through t he use of electronic devices. This approach was pioneered at an underground facility at Fort Hero, on Montauk, an island located at the eastern end of Long Island. It is difficult to determine what occurs there. Experiments were going on there since the 1950s, but what is called the Montauk Project began in 1976 and involves this site and 24 others. A major Montauk-style base in in the Golden Gate area on the West Coast. Still another major facility is beneath the new Denver International Airport. Other bases were air bases in Rome and Plattsburgh, New York and at two foreign locations, one in Northern Canada and another at Pine Gap Australia. The Mountauk-type experiments often have PHOENIX names. Some of these projects proceeded under the cover of weather studies but were probably explorations of the energy theories of the late Dr. Wilhelm Reich, who died in prison and whose books were pronounced quackery and impounded by the
FDA.. He had studied under Freud and knew Karl Jung.

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