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Friday, May 04, 2007

MKULTRA: Government Mind Control Experiments, Part 6

Dr. Frank Olson, a germ warfare expert, was on the army payroll at Fort Dietrich and traveled a great deal in connection with the military experiments on 7000 service men, in the United States and abroad. They were injected with LSD and other substances, which killed some of them. Olson told his wife he had done something terrible and tried twice to resign. He was taken to New York for psychiatric treatment, and jumped out of the window head first even though there was not enough space in the room to start off with a run. Dr. Frederich Hoffman, a former Nazi experimenter, also worked on this project. The Olson family has spent years investigating the likely murder, and many people who have known something about it died prematurely. Some CIA people think Gottlieb’s death was not natural. In recent years, retired CIA people hint that Olson had become a security problem, but the family now seems to believe that he was troubled by information that the US may have been using biological weapons in Korea. William Sargent, a former CIA psychiatrist, heard Olson talk about going public with information about experiments on German nationals after World War II, and he alert4ed Olson’s superiors. Some believe this is why Olson died. A German documentary in 2002 claimed the US used biological weapons there, and it was based photographs, remains of biological bombs, the findings of two international commissions, and upon the testimony of two pilots held by the North Koreans. It is known that various drugs and poisons were used on North Korean prisoners of war, who were also subjected to physical torture.

Captain George Hunter White, working for Gottlieb, ran Operation Midnight Climax. White was on loan from the forerunner of the DEA. Often people entrapped in the drug worked were used in the sex experiments. This project studied the effects of LSD on sex. He operated a network of brothels and paid “johns” $100 a night in brothels in New York and San Francisco that were equipped with two-way mirrors. CIA men from Washington would come up to New York to watch the sexual action with “guests.” The CIA used these brothels to learn all they could about how carnal operations could be better deployed in spying. They found that men talked most after sex and were quite expansive if the prostitute was willing to spend a little more time with him and if she said he was neat and praised his performance. Sometimes victims seemed to go insane after taking a drug and local doctors were brought in to decide if they really were insane.

He had been with OSS during the war. He was also entrusted with dosing unsuspecting people with drugs. He was a hard drinker and a bit wild, so he was not a CIA agent. He ridiculed CIA men, saying they were a “joke” "They were too complicated, and they had other people do their heavy stuff.". White slipped drugs to some Manhattan Project participants, and once tried to drug out Luciano lieutenant August Del Gracio. Gottlieb thought drugging a Mafioso was dangerous and decided that minor gangster could be given drugs but not people tied to organized crime.

He got his pay checks from an agency that was forerunner to the DEA. Captain White, according to Claudia Mullen, also carried out experiments on children in two suites the CIA maintained in a New Orleans hotel. Russell Baker wrote that he was considered an “outside operative.” He had previously been on loan to the FBI and worked for Senator Joseph McCarthy and Roy Cohen. He was also an investigator for Senator Estes Kefauver. He created problems for himself when he had tried to link Harry Truman to Kansas City criminals. His career as an investigator ended when a memo he wrote surfaced accusing Governor Thomas Dewey of commuting Lucky Luciano’s prison sentence in return for a large amount of cash. He alienated Kefauver by leaking confidential information, and had no choice but to seek refuge with the CIA. He retired from the Federal Bureau of Narcotics and CIA in 1965. Portions of his diary were released in 2000 under the Freedom of Information Act. They revealed a very sadistic man. When Captain White retired, he wrote Gottlieb a letter saying he stuck with the experiment, not because he believed in it, but because it was fun: "Where else could a red-blooded American boy lie, kill, cheat, steal, rape and pillage with the sanction and blessing of the all-highest?"

Wally Chan worked under Gottlieb experimenting with radioisotopes. At the Walter Fernald School in Waltham, Massachusetts children were fed food that had been contaminated with radioisotopes. Dr. Albert M. Kligman of the University of Pennsylvania did radioisotopes experiments on prisoners. He was interested in seeing how exposure effected the nervous system. Sometimes he applied compounds to the arms, which contained radioisotopes and testosterone. On other occasions, he injected people’s upper backs.

Dr. Robert G. Heath of Tulane was involved in experiments on children and adults. One of the subjects recalled the bruises he left. The subject also discussed needle marks, burns on the head, and genital soreness. Heath also implanted 125 electrodes in the brains of subjects and used them to attempt to cure some of homosexuality.

Experiments on children in Mexico and Central America continued for four decades. In Latin America, the agency focused on the brightest children it could find.

One or perhaps several programmers used the name “Dr. Greene.” One operated in Arizona and used LSD, radiation, various injections, hypnosis, and electroshock to program subjects, often children. He taught them to pick locks, practice other tricks of the spy trade, and practice killing dummies.

There was a Dr. William Jennings Bryant who was very active in mind control. One wonders if his parents, who named the boy after a great populist, would ever understand their son’s work, if made aware of it.

Louis Jolyn West ( 1925-1999) was a CIA mind control expert. He experimented with LSD and it is said that “Jolly” once killed an elephant by shooting it with a dose of LSD. He eventually became a professor of psychiatry at UCLA. There he discussed the possibility of psychosurgery and use of psychiatric techniques to control violence. With the backing of Ronald Reagan he wanted to create an institute for controlling violent impulses but was unable to get state funding. He told a radio interviewer that it is now possible to monitor various changes in brain waves through remote monitoring techniques. Some claim that he proposed using drugs to control politically bothersome elements in the population. In 1996 Army Ranger Major David Morehouse claimed that great progress had been made in “remote viewing” and its most respected practitioner Joe McMoneagle has said that many successes were based on the alternative universes theory in that had been postulated by physicists John Wheeler and Hugh Everett.

It is said that he visited Timothy McVeigh seventeen times in prison. McVeigh claimed he was implanted with a (biotelemetric) microchip during the Gulf WAR. West also interviewed Jack Ruby while Ruby was incarcerated. Ruby was also interviewed by Earl Warren and other psychiatrists. According to an early Ruby attorney, West was the only psychiatrist to find paranoia. The other doctors found “psychological epilepsy,” which would have been easier for F. Lee Bailey to use. West sometimes worked with Dr. Margaret Singer She and West studied Korean War vets who were brainwashed by the Chinese. West also headed an APA team that went to Oklahoma City after the bombing.


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