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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Portrait of an ONI Spy, Part 2

Gunther came to Oklahoma as a child his mother. After two years in the Army, he joined the CIA in 1963 which quickly placed him in the navy and flight training. He soon joined the ONI in 1968. In Viet Nam he was wounded and tortured as a prisoner. When he returned to the US, he became qualified to fly the most advanced aircraft. He was involved in black ops in Europe, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, as well as the United States. He was apart of a team skilled at murder via car accident and he was also very good at sanitizing intelligence crime scenes here and in Germany. He told his second wift that he attended assassin school outside Phoenix at Center Point, and that George H.W. Bush was a classmate. He was later called the Ice Pick because that was his favored tool.

For a time he was on loan to the Department of State for black ops. He infiltrated the Pipefitters Union and even worked for it St. Louis for a time. Gunther also infiltrated criminal and narcotics rings as well as Italian and German terrorist operations. He ran a CIA owned insurance investment advisory service, helped CIA connected companies find tax loopholes, built developments through CIA-financed Crystal Shores Group. All thos was part of Operation Cyclops , an effort to put more agents in the business world and expand the number of proprietaries. Gunther has said that Congressman Roy Blunt has repeatedly help the CIA charter proprietary companies in Missouri, and of course this involved pay-offs. Blunt would play a major role arranging Russbacher’s second imprisonment.

Russbacher first served a brief prison sentence in Texas when he was caught moving bags of bearer bonds for the agency. Sometimes he taught languages for the military. He also established a CIA savings and loan that collapsed in Pennsylvania. Within CIA circles he was called “the banker,” because he handled secret accounts and funded black ops. Captain Russbacher also worked with Robert L. Corson, a known CIA money mule, who was involved in defrauding over twenty savings and loans in Texas and elsewhere, according to the Houston Post sries on the S and L series. To complicate things, Russbacher sometimes even used Corson’s name. He was also involved in assisting the counterrevolutionaries in Central America. Russbacher headed an operation in 1983 that turned sour trying to extricate a Stassi defector from East Germany, lost a close friend in the process, and took a little time off. In the eighties, he also carried PROMIS software to Australia.

In 1989 he married ,Rayelan Allan Russbacher, his second wife, disregarding the CIA order that he wait two years to remarry. Her late husband was dean of science and engineering at the Naval Postgraduate School, where she first met Gunther. He knew he would never be given permission to marry her because she was a liberal activist, intent on learning about the October Surprise. She had lobbied against the appointment of Donald Gregg as ambassador to South Vietnam, and did not know he then headed the CIA disciplinary committee.

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