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Saturday, June 16, 2007

George DeMohrenschildt and the JFK Asasination; Part 4

Two women, one LBJ’s main mistress and the other Oswald’s lover have offered some information that confirmed parts of De Mohrenschildt’s story about the involvement of big oil.

Madeleine Duncan Brown, LBJ’s mistress, told an interviewer that Lyndon Johnson started planning Kennedy’s death after the Democratic convention of 1960. Brown claimed that the final decision to kill Kennedy was made he night of November 21, at a party hosted by Clint Murchison. Present were Dallas oil men ( including H.L. Hunt), FBI and CIA leaders like J. Mc Cloy and J. Edgar Hoover and Clyde Tolson, and mob bosses. Also present were Richard Nixon who was in town for a Pepsi Cola meeting, George Brown of Brown and Root, and Jack Ruby, who could arrange entertainment for people.

After LBJ arrived, some of the guests went into a conference room. When Johnson came out he allegedly squeezed hard the hand of his mistress Madeleine Duncan Brown and said that after tomorrow JFK would no longer be a problem, “ After tomorrow those goddamn Kennedys would never embarrass me again - that's no threat - that's a promise.'".” According to Brown, LBJ called her the next morning and repeated these words. However, some writers have demonstrated that Johnson was in Houston the night of November 21 and that Nixon was in Dallas but not at Murchison’s house. Some claim there was not even a party there. She said the event was documented by the society editor of the Dallas Times Herald , but the story cannot be found. While there is evidence that Nixon and Hoover were in Dallas then, there is no evidence that there was a Pepsi Cola board or stockholders meeting. On some occasions, Nixon has said he could not remember where he was when Kennedy died. Possible the only other person in America who has said that is George H.W Bush. She claimed that she often walked with H.L. Hunt, and that he would brag about the Kennedy matter, saying, 'Well, we got him out of office.' That was it."

It is always possible that Mrs. Brown mistakenly placed the party on another day, or that other factors explain the discrepancies in her story. Former CIA contract operative Robert D. Morrow backed her account of the evening of November 21. He said a topic of discussion was the political futures of Hoover and Nixon if JFK were assassinated. Morrow says that David Ferrie came up with the suggestion that Lee Harvey Oswald be used as a patsy. He thought the CIA’s main reason for going after Kennedy was that JFK was working with Robert McNamara to reign in the agency. Morrow ordered the rifles and transceivers for the assassination team, and Ferrie picked them up. He knew there was planning to kill Kennedy but they thought these weapons were for the assassination of Juan Bosch. At the end of the book, he described how Nixon made a deal with Warrren Commission member Ford to conceal Nixon’s role.

The comment about concealing Nixon’s role seems speculative. Dick Nixon was there on November 22 and it is also true that he came up with four different stories to show he was not there. It is likely that someone arranged for him to be there that day so he could be controlled later. He probably had a similar thought and tried to construct different scenarios.

Judyth Vary Baker, briefly Oswald’s lover and a CIA contract scientist, appeared on The History Channel’s The Men Who Killed Kennedy ( 2003), claiming that Oswald knew that the oil men and some mafia figures were putting up money to help finance the assassination of Kennedy. He did not have the names of the oil men but was sure the Chicago and Louisiana mobs were involved as well as anti-Castro Cubans, and some in the CIA and Secret Service.
Oswald thought he was penetrating that ring to expose it. There was a trrible uproar over the documentary, and the History Channel promised to never show it again.

There is no question she worked at the Reily Coffee Company in New Orleans ( as a front) at the same time Oswald did. She was working on the “Project Freedom” aimed at creating a bioweapon cocktail to knock out Castro’s immune system and infect his with cancer. . The Warren Commission printed a photograph of Baker and Oswald standing together, and one mutual acquaintance confirmed that she and Lee dated. After the assassination, David Ferrie called to warn her to keep quiet. Ferrie, who knew Oswald since 1955 , had joined Oswald in teaching Cuban exiles combat techniques at a Lake Pontchartrain camp run by the CIA. ,Ferrie later committed suicide in 1964. Ferrie, often called “the professor,” worked for New Orleans mob leader Carlos Marcello, was overheard in March 1963 by FBI informer Eugene De Lapparra, talking about the purchase of a foreign-made rifle to “get the President.” Much of her story is difficult to confirm.

A few investigators agree with Baker that some in the Secret Service were in on the plot. Much depends upon one frame in the Zapruder film which this aging writer simply cannot see very well. The official records show that the motorcade route was changed and then published in the Dallas Morning News.. Before the Kennedy limousine approached the Texas School Book Depository, it executed a slow 120 degree turn, which placed the car in a perfect position to be fired upon. There were no agents on the back bumper as was customary. As they left Love Field, the two back agents were ordered not to follow. One of those agents, Henry J. Rybka, was obviously confused and extended his hands in confusion while looking at his boss, Emory P. Roberts. He was left at the airport. The other agent did not question the order and got into the Roberts’ car. As they stood down, they deprived Kennedy of protection from the rear. The right side of the back of the president’s head was then blown off. As the first rifle shots rang out, Roberts then ordered agent John D. Ready not to run to the president’s car, later claiming that he could not have caught up with it. Roberts told the other agents not to move, but one Secret service agent rushed to the limousine and covered Kennedy’s body. Roberts and three other on the shift had been drinking in Fort Worth the night before, but he wrote there was no doubt they were ready for duty. Rybka was not mentioned in the preliminary report. Abraham Bolden, the first African American Secret Service agent, had helped prevent assassinations before November 22, and was sent to prison for 6 years after he tried to get on the witness list of the Warren Commission to tell them of previous efforts to kill Kennedy. Bolden was involved in investigating an earlier plot in Chicago. When prisoner Bolden tried to arouse interest in his case, he was placed in solitary confinement In Ultimate Sacrifice, Lamar Waldron writes that the Chicago mob had framed Bolden.

William Manchester later wrote that an agent told him Kennedy told the two agents to withdraw, but that agent said he had never spoken to Manchester. Ten agents told historian Vincent Palamara that JFK did not order the agents off the car at that time. Historians have blamed the FBI for stripping the usual 6 motorcycles surrounding the car, but there is really no evidence explaining why this happened. Four of the agents and the DNC advance man later said the president died due to a conspiracy.

There were many reports about mob discussions of impending death of John F. Kennedy. On November 20, 1963, Melba Christine Marcades (Rose Cheramie) was thrown out of a car in Louisiana. State Police Lieutenant France Fruge.interviewed her, found she might have been under the influence of a drug, and reported that two mafia members told her they were on the way to Dallas to kill Kennedy. Fruge informed Captain Will Fritz of the Dallas police, who did not follow up. She died September 4, 1965 after again being thrown from a car.

The assassination of John F. Kennedy is surrounded with so much contradictory evidence and deliberate misinformation that the true picture of what occurred on November 22 will probably never emerge. Given this situation, many still find that the “lone nut” or default position should be accepted. Yet, It is clear that more than 3 shots were fired, that the autopsy evidence was inaccurate and partly changed or removed, and that a great deal of effort has been exerted to muddy the picture and generate piles of misleading disinformation. Oswald was clearly tied to the intelligence community as was George De Mohrenschildt . The latter must have had a good idea of what happened, but it is not at all certain that he ever told the truth.Democracies depend upon transparency and the free flow of information . We can conclude that the transformation of the US into a banana republic began that day.


Anonymous said...

When a someone claims to be a "writer" and writes about important topics such as the JFK
assassination, you would think
that they would be more careful about how they collect their "facts". It is a known fact David Ferrie did not die in 1964
and it is not known that it was by suicide. You have to wonder about
the rest.

steve said...

Judyth Baker is the biggest scam artist to have ever come out of the conspiracy business. Her only documentation is that she worked at the same place as Oswald. She was a good science student and won awards for cancer experiments, but thats where the documentation ends. The rest of her claims are filled with everything ever written about the JFK conspiracy. She claims to have met or known about every person that has been alleged to have had a hand in the assassination. Its a mishmash of every theory rolled into one with her at the center. Do a better job next time if you are trying to convince people.

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