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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Christian Reconstructionists

There are other evangelical Christians, also political conservatives, who do not accept this approach to End Times. They believe that Christians must gain control of government before Christ will return. These Christian Reconstructionists believe that they must rule and establish the Kingdom of God before Christ will come. They detest the First Amendment and want to rule using a literal interpretation of biblical law “Dominionists” or Reconstructionists want to restore Old Testament law, uphold capitalism, and abolish business regulations. They claim as many as 20,000, 000 followers, but this figures appears to be a great exaggeration. Nevertheless, they are growing rapidly, and they exert a great influence within the evangelical movement.

Reconstructionists are the driving force behind the evangelical attacks on public schools and science. They have clearly taken over the Presbyterian Church in America, but not the moderate Presbyterian Church (USA). They have also made inroads in the Southern Baptist Convention. Republican parties in twenty states have adopted their “A Christian nation” platforms. They believe women should be subordinated to men, and in the best situation, not vote. Gary North, one of their leaders, calls for the stoning of nonbelievers and gays. Even some of his friends call him “Scary Gary.” Herb Titus, another leader, claims the First Amendment protects the right to criticize government but it does not guarantee freedom of speech. They also oppose separation of church and state and emphasize the importance of religious schools. Under leader Gary De Mar, head of America Vision and leader of the Restore America rally, they are growing in influence.

George W. Bush fashioned his compassionate conservatism on the work of one of their most prolific writers, Marvin Olasky. Of course, De Mar is their most prolific writer. Their goal is control of the USA and exclusion of non-believers from citizenship and the franchise. They envision thousands of executions a year, including those of witches and women who lie about their sexual pasts. Reconstructionists play an important role in the Council for National Policy, a group that coordinates the political activities of the Religious Right.

The Reconstructionists advocate a form of Dominionism. Christopher Hedges has suggested that the Christian Right, practically as a whole, is comprised of Dominionists. This suggests they reject the secular state, but it is more likely that those who go that far are far less numerous. However, he is right in saying that the mindset of the Christian right promotes outlooks that short-circuit reality-based thinking. Indeed, rational discussion with many of these people becomes very difficult, if not impossible. Millions whose economic condition is not good tend to think that God has a plan to resolve their problems. People in despair over their conditions and believing they have no real social identity achieve a kind of heroism by joining conservative religious movements. Their outlook, both political and religious, breeds intolerance and strips those who disagree of legitimacy as actors in a republic. Hedges claim that the New Right and Religious right pump “garbage” “day in and day out into people’s minds [which] poisons the civic discourse of the nation and is going to have an effect in a moment of instability.”

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