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Thursday, June 23, 2005


Tallahasee computer programmer Clinton Curtis has testified that before the 2000 election Tom Feeney, a Congressman and former Speaker of the Florida House, asked him to develop software to "flip an election" without being detected. Feeney, who often lobbied for Curtis’s employer had been Jeb Bush’s running mate in 1994. Feeney wanted a program that could be accessed with no additional equipment of software. The software firm also did work for NASA, the Defense Department, and the Florida Department of Transportation.

Curtis was a lifelong Republican and at first assumed that Feeney needed the prototype as part of a plan to unearth Democratic skulduggery. Then he learned that the software was needed to change the vote in southern Florida. As the meeting with Curtis and three others occurred in October, 2000, it can only be assumed that the plan was to use the software in 2002 and thereafter.

After the 2000 election, Feeney bragged to Curtis that an elimination list had been used to prevent some Democrats from voting and that the Florida state police had been positioned to prevent some blacks from getting to the polls. Curtis wrote the program and then quit his job. .1
Curtis landed a job at the Florida Department of Transportation. He soon poked a hornet’s nest by showing that his former employer was billing the department for services it did not provide. In 2002, he and another whistleblower were fired.

Feeney thought the patrol had prevented 25% of African Americans from voting. This writer was there in 2000 and estimates that around 5% of blacks were frightened into not voting.

After losing his job, he went to the press with his story. It included the claim that one illegal immigrant. Eventually, the government accused the illegal immigrant with there was somehow spying. with sending guidance chips for the Hellfire anti-tank missile to Red China. The St. Petersburg Times reported that Curtis passed a polygraph administered by a recognized Florida expert.

Raymond Lemme, a Florida DOT investigator, who was looking into the termination and related matters, turned up dead on July 1, 2003 at a Valdosta,Georgia motel. The death was ruled a suicide, there was neither an autopsy nor a thorough investigation. Lemme’s last comment to Curtis was that he was sure the investigation would lead all the way to the top. We do not know if by "top" he meant the White House or the governor's mansion.


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