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Monday, June 27, 2005


Last year, the Pentagon advertised for a printer to produce 10,000 copies of a Bible that would contail "Army provided photographs and text materials." ( For the advertisement: www1.eps.gov/servlet/DocumentsR/1051015).

We have no idea what the pictures or text were about. To be charitable, we can assume that the Bushies were not adding to the scriptures. The only other alternative is that they were supplying interpretive material, which is not the business of government! Maybe they were explaining away Christ's teachings against violence. Who knows?

It is known that the Bibles were intended for the use of the U.S. Special Operations Command. The publishing contract was awarded to International bible Society in Colorado.

Steve Peacock, an activist in Binghamton, New York, filed a Freedom of Information request to gather more information and learn what had been added to the Bible. Rather than release any information, the DOD cancelled the purchase order, claiming it was no longer obliged to honor the FOIA request. Peacock disagrees with this interpretation of the law but notes that the Pentagon bas exceeded the numbers of days that can ellapse before it must at least acknowledge that he had appealed the original decision not to provide the information.

For a piece on religious problems at the Air Force Academy, thee the religion page at

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bitsoys said...

Dear Professor:

Thanks for helping to spread the word about this important matter. Just FYI, as of July 11 the Pentagon still had not responded to or even acknowledged receipt of my FOIA appeal request.

The next step? It's time I bring on board a national organization that is willing to help clarify this issue once and for all. As I've said before, either Spercial Ops wants to release a harmless Bible with a camouflage cover (which is doubtful), or else the "Army provided photographs and text inserts" for the 10,000 new books are of such an insidious nature that DoD will do anything to keep them out of the public eye.

Steve Peacock

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