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Monday, September 11, 2006

The Johnny Gosch Case, And More: Part IV: Other Political Sex Rings

King was associated with lobbyist Craig Spence in helping the contras. The Omaha World</span> reported on May 21, 1989 that King's Franklin Trust was used to launder money and that some of went to the Nicaraguan contras.

Bonacci told De Camp that the lobbyist once took a group of people, including two teenage prostitutes, on a midnight tour of the White House on July 4, 1988. King and Spence appear to have been partners in the sex trade and had two operations named "Dream Boys" and " Man to Man." Those operations were owned by an umbrella outfit called "Bodies by God.". These CIA supported sex operations were expansion of the agency’s Vietnam era operation, designed to entrap members of Congress. It was run by two CIA agents and a CIA contractor who was a big time lobbyist. They brought boys into the Distict of Columbia through Roy Cohen sex operations in New York City. In the eighties some boys were obtained from Covenant House and its branch in Nicaragua.

Two hundred prominent people were alleged to have used Spence and King’s services, but few of them were damaged by the disclosure. Secretary of Labor Elizabeth Dole’s chief of staff was forced to resign due to the disclosure. The CIA claimed two of the boys worked for the KGB, but it looked more like a CIA blackmail operation. Later the Washington Times reported that Donald Gregg, an aid to Bush arranged tours for Spence’s people .Spence seemed to have great influence, entertained lavishly, and was said to spend $20,000 a month employing various kinds of prostitutes. It was claimed that the CIA helped him photograph prominent people and members of agencies in compromising situations. After the Washington Times exposed the sex righ, Spence lost influence and seemed to have no funds. He told friends he feared "Casey’s boys" were after him. He was soon found dead in a Boston hotel room. Barbara Bush expressed pleasure that the Washington Post did not touch the story." Spence was particularly close to a prominent federal attorney, whose career was in no way damaged by the intimate association.

There were also more conventional sex-for-votes operations available to Republican Congressmen and Senators. In the mid-1980s, Ed Rollins, a Reagan White House operative, succeeded in covering up a small operation that provided two dozen Republican Congressmen wiith sexual favors. Only Tom Evans of Delaware got caught and lost his seat. He foolishly confessed to his wife. This was a straight-forward operation run by a lobbyist, and there were no CIA ties.

In 2006, another sex for Republican votes sex operation was exposed. This time, most the congressmen seemed to come from the Defense Appropriations subcommittee of the Military Affairs Committee. Again, only conventional adult sex was involved. It is unclear whether the CIA was involved. Porter Goss , director of the CIA, and his number three man, Dusty Foggio, attended the parties to gamble but were not involved with the prostitutes. One of the defense and intelligence contractors paying the bills was almost certainly working for the CIA in the 1980s. One of those financing the sex parties had previously admitted that he was involved in sex parties for Congressmen in Hondouras in the mid-eighties, during the operations called Iran-Contra.

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