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Monday, September 04, 2006

The John Gosch Case, and More, Part III: Possible Connections with People of Importance

On September 11, 1996, James Harold James , head of the Pennsylvania legislature’s black caucus, held a news conference in Philadelphia. He demanded an investigation of the drug trade, noted that the Iran-Contra investigation showed that the CIA was helping the Contras bring drugs into the country, and said he wanted to know of George H.W. Bush involved. The senior Bush’s name would be raised repeatedly from the beginning by child victims, and investigators have questioned whether the child sex ring was tied to drug running, but no clear linkage has emerged. . John De Camp thought Representative James was onto something because of the many ties between Bush and King and the witnesses who placed George H.W. Bush at King’s sex parties. James Flanery of the Omaha World Herald had reported that King was heavily involved in running guns to Nicaragua; he was subsequently taken off the story and assigned out of Nebraska for a year. King’s public relations firm was used by the Contras and he was a heavy contributor to one of their groups.

King boasted about his relationship with his hero, Bill Casey of the CIA. Pronto, Spain’s largest weekly, reported there was reason to believe that the child ex ring was tied to the CIA. Steve Bowman, an Omaha businessman researching the Franklin theft and sex scandal, claims he has believable witnesses who associate George H.W. Bush with the child sex ring. An Australian newsletter Inside News produced documents relating to the 1985 Nebraska Department of Social Services investigation of stories told by Eunice (Lisa) Washington and her sister Tracey. They repeatedly ran away from their foster parents and told about the King sex ring .

They also said George H.W. Bush attended two of King’s sex parties. King took them to parties via his private jet. Lisa first met Bush at a Republican convention, and she also told of going to a party in Washington where the guests had guards. She added that King sometimes got boys from Boys Town. In October, 1984, she saw Bush at a Chicago party, and he left with a 19 year-old boy named Brent. A check of the papers showed he was there campaigning. In 1986, charges against the Webbs were dismissed. The Webb foster children said they had been abused by GOP delegates at the Southfork Ranch in 1884 and also somewhere in Louisiana. Children testified that they saw a government limousine and secret srviice men at an October, 1988 sex party. It was estimated that there were between 20 and 20 child mollesting Congressmen in the 1980s.

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