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Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Johnny Gosch Case , and More: Part One

Only days ago, the mother of a missing boy found two photographs of him on her door step in Des Moines, Iowa. Johnny Gosch, a news boy, disappeared 24 years ago. The photographs showed her son bound and gagged along with two other children, and the police verified that the pictures were authentic and that 12 year old Johnny was in the photograph.

There is evidence provided by another abuctee, John Bonacci, that Johnny was taken by a sex ring connected with an intelligence agency and the Reagan-Bush administration. Sex with children was apparently used to to entrap important people and reward its own operatives. In the Eighties, Larry King of North Omaha was considered one of the Republican Party’s fastest rising stars. An African American, he sang at two Republican conventions. He ran a credit union that was raided by the Feds in 1988. As much as $40 million of the missing money was connected to the Iran-Contra scandal, probably laundered drug money from Latin America.

Several investigators found that a sex ring was tied to his bank, It has been claimed that children were being used for sex and as drug couriers for King and others. Youngsters were also telling how they had sex with this or that famous businessman or politician The list included the publisher of the state’s largest newspaper, a police chief, and a mayor who later later became a Representative to Congress. Former Republican state Senator John De Camp, who was in office 16 years, knew King and was sure the stories were lies and was ready to refute them. Then he was contacted by a prisoner, John Bonacci, who convinced who convinced him they were true De Camp got him out of jail, and ten years later won a million dollar settlement for him from King in a court of law. Before this, however, a grand jury investigated the matter, was aware of the complaints of 80 children, and refused to hand down indictments. The Nebraska legislative committee and the staffers who worked on this found the accusers very credible, but this reader of the evidence wonder s if some of the horrible acts attributed to the perpetrators exceeded what human being could do. Bonacci had kept an exact diary, and forensic experts tested the ink entries to be sure they were made over a long period of time. He eventually testified in court that he helped kidnap a twelve year old boy, Johnny Gosch. Bonacci wrote about Bohemian Grove, outside Sacramento, a 2700 acre encampment that belongs to the Bohemian Club, that seems attached to reenacting ancient Druidic rituals. Alex Jones infiltrated the grounds in 2000 and filmed some Luciferian rituals going back to ancient Babylon. Jones claims Governor George W. Bush was there along with some security personnel.

There is more than amply evidence of repeated enactment of these rituals, but it is hard to believe that anyone could take them seriously. They must be a strange form of amusement and a way of registering contempt for conventional norms. Very eminent people give lectures around a campfire to many men deep in their cups. There is a pronounced homosexual subculture, particularly among employees, but it is not part of scheduled events.

It was here that several boys were used in some sort of ritual, and one caged boy was very badly abused, finally dying after being beaten and raped by an adult. Later, the two remaining boys were taken to a house where a film of what happened was shown and they were passed around like playthings. Bonacci said Hunter Thompson directed the film .There is no way of knowing what Thompson was doing there .Perhaps he was observing the ways of the rich and powerful? Other abuctees said Hunter Thompson did "snuff" films, and Rusty Nelson, Kings photographer, testified to this in court. The diary recounted being paid for sex with men King knew at various places.

If Kay Griggs can be believed, intelligence operatives joined the power brokers in cavorting at Bohemian Grove. She claimed that Marine Colonel George Raymond Griggs, her former husband, told her about how he and other assassins went to Bohemian Gove to engage anal and oral sex and run naked in the woods. She also employed his diary as evidence and went public in 1996, before Skull and Bones and Bohemian Grove were public knowledge. She received death threats and had to seek sanctuary in the home of journalist Sarah McClendon. . He referred to the hit men as The Brotherhood or The Firm and thought they were linked together in a sort of secret ‘cap and gown" and skull and bones society. They took their inspiration from Skull and Bones at Yale and a similar secret society at Princeton. According to her, the colonel talked about military hit squads, sexual slavery,weapons and drug sales, psychological conditioning, and involvement with prominent people such as Paul Wolfowitz, who was present in the 1970s when Grigg trained assassins in Indonesia. The colonel told her that he had been sexually molested by teachers and that many of the operatives shared this background.

Senator De Kamp reported that King had also found a way to get some boys out of Boys Town. The former head of Boys Town, Monsignor Robert Hupp, retained De Camp in order to get some help in cleaning up a mess there. King gave money to the institution and provided internships for boys. He also almost controlled the Boys and Girls Clubs of Omaha. A court threw out the case against the archdiocese and Boys Town. . ( to be continued)


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