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Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Johnny Gosch Case, And More, Part II: De Camp Uncovers Child Sex Ring

Abductee John Bonacci was afflicted with multiple personalities but the psychiatrists told Senator De Camp the boy was not lying. De Camp finally decided to represent the boy, and his best friend, former CIA Director William Colby, told him he should write a book about it for his own safety. The investigation of Bonacci’s claims led the police to find and seal hundreds of sex videotapes that were found in Larry Kings office. There were some convictions. Among them was an editor of the Omaha World Herald.

De Camp was a former State Senator and got his colleagues to investigate. Gary Cardon the chief investigator called Senator Loren Schmidt from Chicago saying, "I’ve got them, I’ve got them." The investigator’s private plane crashed shortly after leaving Chicago. Federal investigators swarmed the crash site, and none of his papers or his briefcase were officially retrieved Cardoni and his young son were both killed.

De Camp eventually found one Larry "Rusty" Nelson, King’s photographer, in prison. De Camp sprung him. Nelson became a key witness in a major case that netted one victim a million dollars. He also represented an Alicia Owen, a little girl who stuck by her guns even as other children who were witnessed disappeared. Her first attorney was creditably accused of giving privileged information to the FBI. That agency would work overtime to discredit the victims. She got 15 years for perjury in naming prominent politicians. She is still in prison and holds the record in Nebraska for time sent in solitary confinement. In her trial, the prosecutor acted as though there was noone named Rusty Nelson. De Camp got a second trial for her after Troy Boner, who had given information to Gary Cardoni, swore out an affadivit confirming her statements. However, in the second trial, he took the Fifth Amendment, privately telling De Camp it was that or be killed in prison. Boner had claimed that his brother, whose suicide he doubted, was a victim.

In 1993, Yorkshire Television sent a crew to the United States to film "Conspiracy of Silence" about De camp’s claims. They were thorough and even paid for extensive polygraph tests for one witness. The program was extensively advertised to be shown on the Discovery Channel on May 3, 1994. At the last minute someone bought the production rights and it was not shown in the United States. ( to be continued )


heather said...

weird too, huh?, that Decamp says in a radio interview that he was William 'Bill' Casey's best friend..Decamp+Casey+Aquino were all involved in 'project phoenix' in Vietnam...

heather said...

oops sorry error, Bill COLBY (both men, casey and colby were at different times head of CIA AND both of them worked in project phoenix.)

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