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Thursday, April 12, 2007

PROMIS SOFTWARE: A Tale of Government Corruption, Part 7

A group of former CIA agents calling themselves the Fifth Column claim accessed the trap door via a mobile Cray computer. Like the PROMIS program itself, they acquired the computer through purchases of surplus government equipment. The former agents were led by Colonel Charles S. Hayes, whose 1992 testimony in the Inslaw case was redacted by the NSA. Hayes was sent to a Kentucky prison in a bizarre case in which he was accused of hiring someone to kill his son. Before he was sentenced, the judge made many arbitrary hearings including refusing to let him defend himself. Hayes attorney was prevented from asking many questions of a key government witness Lawrence Myers, a right-wing journalist who had ties to Timothy McVeigh and had once been involved in extortion and grand theft. The Army ruled he had multiple personalities. Myers has given similar testimony in similar cases. Kennetta Williamson, criminal investigator for the Tennessee attorney general's office, said he was "a pathological liar."

Visitors to Hayes in the hospital were intimidated by US Marshals, and a Kentucky State trooper who was probably with Hayes when he met President Clinton at Cincinnati airport was intimidating for telephoning the hospital to learn of Hayes= condition.

. After Bill Clinton was recruited for the CIA by London Station chief Cord Meyer, Hayes claimed that he supervised Clinton=s journey to the USSR. Hayes and his colleagues were mainly concerned with tracing drug money, particularly as it went to government official . Hayes later spoke of his fears that the US could become a narco republic. Their investigations included careful scrutiny of the Chicago exchanges and the transactions involving one Federal Reserve official. Before Hayes was sentenced, he met with Newt Gingrich, who was seeking financial records that would help Kenneth Starr's pursuit of Bill Clinton.

The Cram computer was on a truck that is used to move it around. The former agents claimed they found that many politicians had billions stashed away in off-shore and Swiss banks. The rogue agents appeared to have a right-wing orientation, and preyed upon many more Democrats than Republicans. They found that Vincent Foster, who handled the Systematics accounts for Rose Law Firm since the late 1970s had several million in a Swiss account. Foster=s account was in the Banca Della Svizzera Italiana in Chiasso, Switzerland. That money could have been skimmed out of other accounts or , some say, it was payment from Israel for unknown services. The Fifth Column moved many of the politicians money to Treasury holding accounts in several Federal Reserve branches with nary a complain from them or their banks. It is claimed that they emptied Vinc Foster's account of $2.73 million. But it is likely that they also skimmed off large sums for themselves. The information they provided the Mexican government resulted in serious legal problems for the Salinas family and disclosure of a half billion they had stashed in secret accounts. The Fifth Column also fed the tabloids information on the toe-sucking and philandering political advisor, Dick Morris. They also presented politicians with printouts showing their illegal dealings and accounts. Almost sixty senators and representatives decided not to run again in 1996. This was a record number only matched in 1896. is job for pursuing this story. and estimated the five former agents were moving around about $ 4 billion. His July 23, 1995 interview on USA Radio Network was interrupted for reasons of national security. Press Secretary Mike Mc Curey worked hard to convince journalist Sarah McClendon that Norman was mentally unstable, but in the end he lived in her home for a while for safety purposes.

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