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Friday, April 13, 2007

PROMIS SOFTWARE: A Tale of Government Corruption, Part 8

The June 15, 2001 Washington Times reported that Osama bin Laden had PROMIS software. Apparently rogue FBI agent Robert Hanssen sold it to a Russian, who then sold it to bin Laden. While this appeared to be a major foul-up, the truth is that the software was a Trojan Horse. In 1981-1982, the US and Israel installed a trap door that enabled them to access any files of firms using this software. The operation of the trap door was handled for the NSA by Systematics Corporation of Arkansas. Security people also monitored all sorts of transactions from a super-secure center in the World Trade Center. Riconosciuto'Al Qaeda; PROMIS;FBI;CIAs deposition stated that the software had been sold to many nations including the intelligence agencies of Canada, Singapore, Lybia, Australia, and south Korea.

The Hamiltons had won a $6.8 million judgement in a bankruptcy court in 1987, but it was later overturned. They had to start litigating all over again. By then, Elliott Richardson was representing the Hamiltons and asked for a settlement that could reach $500 million.

Riconoscuito's wife Bobbie was arrested on a custodial warrant and her three children were awarded to her former husband. Riconosuito's lawyer Dennis Eisman died of a gunshot wound while he was enroute to meet a woman in a Philadelphia parking lot who had information that would substantiate the prisoner=s claims, including his insistence that a Justice Department official threatened to harm his son and put family members in jail. Eisman's death was ruled a suicide. Investigative journalist Danny Casolaro was in touch with Eisman before this and would die in Martinsburg, West Virginia on August 10, 1991B an apparent suicide. His telephone records showed a number of telephone calls to Colonel Charles Hayes, a former CIA operative concerned about the government drug trade. Casolaro went to that city to discuss promise documents with the Justice Department's Peter Videnieks and Robert Altman, a banker connected to BCCI. At his funeral, a bemedaled army officer and a man in a trench coat marched up to his coffin, put a medal on it, and marched off. He had not served in the military. Webster Hubbell handled the investigation of his death as well as the Inslaw case. In a February 14, 1994 court filing, Inslaw said that the Justice Department=s Office of Special Investigations was its own intelligence service and was probably responsible for the death of Casolaro.

Alan D. Standorf, an intelligence employee who probably gave Casalaro information, was found beaten to death in his car at Washington National Airport William Richard Turner, a former Hughes Aircraft employee who provided Casaloro with information on corruption in defense contracting, was arrested on charges of bank robbery. All of his files were seized. Prosecutors showed a film of him running away from the bank, the problem was he has only one leg. Turner said he was frightened "shitless" when he saw Danny's papers connecting North and BCCI He also saw material about the Silverado failure and some guy named Ibrahim . Anson Ng, a reporter for the Financial Times died a month before Casolaro. He was in Guatemala to interview Jimmy Hughes, a witness who had information about the reservation murders

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