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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

MKULTRA: Government Mind Control Experiments, Part 9

Using Cults as Covers

Colby said the mind control experiments were ended in the 1970s, but it appears there was a second generation of MKULTRA experimenters. Among them was Lt. Col. Michael Aquino (DOB 10/16/46) of the Army=s Psychological Warfare division. He holds a doctorate from the University of California in Political Science Lilith Sinclair (DOB 4/21/42), his wife, worked with him. Aquino recruited Dr. Coltro Guili in Italy and the strange Norwegian Satanist, Bishop Nicholay Frisvold. The latter conducted a number of CIA mind programming operations designed to control Satanism in Scandanavia. Frisvold was also tied to the Red Brigade in Italy, which some believe was inspired by the CIA. Acquino was also tied to the P2 Lodge in Monte Carlo. Leo Lyon Zagami, a 33rd degree Mason and former member of P2 has described the satanic activities within those secret lodges. He was the “prince,” groomed to take over from Lucio Gelli. Kenneth Lanning of the FBI wrote a report entitled “In Pursuit of Satan” that acknowledged that a few instances of it existed, but he denied that it was intergenerational or existed in any organized way. The report effectively foreclosed legal remedies for people who claim to be victims of satanic abuse.

Few historians have taken seriously the impact that the Nazi use of occult symbols had in attracting followers. H.G. Wells wrote a chapter entitled “The Nazi Religion” his The Fate of Man. He claimed they turned Christianity on its head. Jehovah became Woden and the German people were transformed into a noble, superior, chosen people. They talked about “a new world order,” and Wells used that term.

Norway Some insist that Colonel Aquino used one Cathy O’Brien mind control in two 1981 films for military officers as his favorite subject in teaching military officers the art of: “How to Drive a Personality,” and “ How to Create a Sex Slave.” He carried on these experiments through the eighties. He became obsessed with Nazi rituals and satanism and founded the Temple of Set (Power) , an adaptation of the Church of Satan. Aquino had worked under the late Anton Lavey , head of the Church of Satan and another mind controller. Lavey served as a film consultant and did some underground films. Kenneth Anger, was another Lavey disciple, and worked with Shirley Temple, whom some think was a victim. They theorize that through brainstem scanning, which forced the body to build a much stronger brainstem, providng photographic memory .. Who knows? The extent to which the intelligence community has penetrated Hollywood is unknow. Some date it to the 1940s, when the OSS government recruited Bob Hope, an M16 operative. Members of the Temple of Set wear Nazi symbols. Malachi Martin, a former ranking Jesuit in Rome, has claimed that Satanism is practiced in Rome, but his own multiple involvements with the wives of friends calls his claims into question.

The members of the Temple of Set were either programmers of victims of mind control programming. The Temple of Set’s Grand Master is a Doctor Stephen Flower . Some joined under aliases. One who joined this was E. Wayne Cox of Chatham, Louisiana, who needed an alias because he sells left hand severed in ceremonies---they are called the hands of glory. { This seems so wild that one should stop investigating right here!!} Central to satanic worship is sodomizing children. It is believed best to sodomize a child at age three so that the victim will some day become fully enlightened through the complete opening of what they call “the third eye.” That is a reference to the pineal gland, which is found between the two eyes. They believe that sodomy opens the mind to mystical visions and the spirit world. For this reason, they are pedophiliacs. They induct very young children and groom them as their successors., It awakens in them a spirit that claims to be God, and it guides them. They do not want to kill off their children as they need them as successors. Instead they buy children, often from foreign countries. Some may be sacrificed and others trained. Training failures are put down with air injections or some other way and are found in car rashes, etc. She did not believe in aliens, nor did her companions. She did see people being programmed to believe they were mistreated by aliens.

Because using children is important to MK programming, it was natural that the intelligence community worked to take over existing satanic networks. Another key idea is that by drinking other people’s blood one acquire power and energy. As one reads part of the membership list, it seems some are weird, some are adepts, and there seems to be no accounting for the rest.

The Satanists use many symbols including eagles and the phoenix, and they look for the day when a military elite will rule. Butterflies and rainbows are used to symbolize the fact that the inductees were brought near death and came to new life./ Satanists are no friends of Jews, but their highest symbol is the Seal of Solomon, a Star of David with a circle around it. Satanists place gfreat stock in blood lines and in people who come from Satanic families, but they do initiate people with no ties to Satanism. Seasoned Satanists who have risen through the ranks see themselves as gods, subject to no normal rules.

It is all very difficult to take seriously and quite possible part of an elaborate disinformation campaign or sheer fantasy of some sort or other. The sexual abuse exists and seems to be a part of historic Satanism. There is substantial evidence that intelligence agencies have taken over Satanist organizations and the few satanic outlaw outposts within Masonry. Still Satanism is difficult to take seriously, and it is most likely that for the intelligence agencies is more useful to see Satanism not as a religion but as a “ sophisticated and highly effective motivational system for the spread of violence and cultural terrorism.”

Aquino also went to Wewelsburg, a castle used by Heinrich Himmler, where he presided over black magic ceremonies with former SS people. Did he believe this nonsense? Probably not. He must have found that some of his operatives partially believed it and strengthened bonds in this way. His activities could also been part of the effort to take over the cults and deploy them for programming and intelligence purposes.

There is a growing body of evidence that the CIA followed the lead of Great Britain and carried out some of its mind control experiments in off-beat sects, such as that of Jim Jones. Some think that David Koresh was somehow involved in these experiments. Why else would healthy men accept celibacy and turn their wives and daughters over to the sexual use of a religious leader? Koresh was killed by twin head shots and his body burned—both Navy Seal techniques.

The practice of Nordic Satanism is puzzling. Himmler thought black magic was an ancient German tradition, and his practices were designed to show that Hitler was the messiah of toe occult. Perhaps these rituals are useful at some level of consciousness in inoculating people against remorse and instilling the belief that superior people are entitled to act as they wish and take what they want. We know that programmers in Latin America sometimes dressed up in costumes of Satan to terrify the children, but this was also a wonderful cover. People would either not believe the children’s stories about Satan or would think some sick cult was involved.

Sidney Siemer was another important experimenter with a background in military psychological operations. . Various witnesses tell of his involvement in covert operations and use of biological agents and radiation for mind control. His specialty was using biological agents for mind control., and he apparently did some biological experiments for private interests. Some claimed he was tied to the “Finders,” a group that abducted children for experimentation. Siemer was also involved in biological warfare research and have very high security clearance. According to Michael Riconosciuto, he had close connections to the Wackenhut/Cabazon operation, a complex of government experiments that took place at a California Indian reservation. Riconosciuto, by all accounts, was a scientific genius who developed a wide array of weapons for CIA black operations. His greatest accomplishment was refining the stolen computer program PROMIS, which became the basis for the subsequent development of the highly sophisticates spyware in use today. He behind bars today in part because he decided to start telling much of what he knew about black operations and because he gave evidence on behalf of the firm from which the government heisted Promis. His revelations have proven to be accurate. A California judge refused to permit Riconosciuto testify in respect to Siemen. According to legal papers he filed in 2005, his offered to testify resulted in threats against him and his family and his transfer to a prison that had poorer facilities for treating his cancer.

When he left Army Intelligence and the CIA, Siemer acquired a PhD in biochemistry. His daughter Susan claimed regularly molested her, using hypnosis, electroshock, and sensory deprivation to condition her and create enough trauma that her mental system would create a wall that would prevent her from remembering what happened. She claimed he molested other children, and Susan said that as a result of her conditioning , she molester her own children. Law enforcement had her diaries and journals, but in the end nothing was done about her or her father. There was one of her high school friends who said her father molested both of them. That could have been because they were involved in a satanic church accused of also being involved in child molestation and other practices that seemed too hard to believe could occur in the 21st century. Who could believe that her father and his friends were into sacrificing babies, and to whom? No reasonable person can believe in Satan, so the question becomes, why all the satanic ritual? One answer is a fairly lame one. The perpetrators used the satanic nonsense to further frighten their victims into silence. It is more likely that intelligence agencies use satanic cults as covers for other activities. For example, Riconosciuto claimed the sects are used as covers for widespread abduction and mutilation of animals in some areas. Their blood and some of their body parts were needed for experimentation. Identification with the cults also made members feel special, superior to others,, and above the law. This encouraged them to willingly undertake illegal activities.

She also accused him of doing snuff films and told sheriff’s deputies that he asked his followers to murder her husband. Susan said she was willing to go along with the murder in order to become high priestess of a satanic cult. She also told Sheriff’s deputies that she once saw a child subjected by ritual murder by the cult. The claim about snuff films has also been made about occult groups, but why would they do this in an age when all sorts of pornography was easily available. Dr. Siemen was by all accounts a member of the Temple of Set, and it was also claimed he was also a member of the Order of Trapezoid. Her husband, attorney Richard Hamlin, was tried in Placerville, California and sent to prison for life in 2006 for “torture” and using physical force and terroristic threats in what he claimed were efforts to protect his children and prevent his wife from again falling under the influence of her father. The ex-wife had previously been convicted for child endangerment. Though an attorney Hamlin made a number of mistakes that doomed any inquiry into her initial claims of sexual abuse. He was an evangelical Christian who made too much of his desire to convert Susan, and his outspoken opposition to abortion and discussion of weird Satanic practices did even more harm. Her diaries and writings were simply not taken seriously. Who would do such things? Who could believe that her father and his friends were into sacrificing babies, and to whom? No reasonable person can believe in Satan, so the question becomes, why all the satanic ritual? The only answers are fairly lame ones. The perpetrators used the satanic nonsense to further frighten their victims into silence. Hamlin should have focused on sexual abuse and ignored the rest.


Anonymous said...

I just found your series of blogs, thank you for taking on these difficult subjects. I have read some about the abuses, it seems unreal this has happened. As a survivor of physical, emotional, and mental abuse..I know in my mind and heart that it did happen to these poor victims.

As we know, silence will never break the cycles of dysfunction. Thank you for your voice. At last, there is something to compare notes against from what I've read or researched. Most of the time if I bring this horrible abuse up to anyone, they react with disbelief.

Anonymous said...

I know this is all true because it all happened to me during the 1970-80's in Sydney, Australia. My country has the largest population of Nazi war criminals, and when they came here they brought their satanic rituals and mind control experiments. I am one of the few to have survived with mind and body very much in tact. I wrote a book 15 years ago exposing names and places and times, but couldn't get it published because the publishing industry is under their control also. The key to freedom from this is the blood of Yeshua. It is very late in the day, and the perpetrators of these evil crimes will soon be crushed like roaches...

J.R.C.H. said...

I was a part of one of these, they most definitely exist. Don't know if it is CIA or not, but they are most definitely protected from "on high."

These guys have been there too:

J.R.C.H. said...

To be clear, no electro-shock, just molestation and Glossolalia.

Memory loss is the real key to it though. That is achieved through for "our" sins. Lucky for the other boys, many of them never forgot. I did, however - it's all that much harder when the memories come back.

As crazy as it sounds, they will start talking to you metaphorically through the TV. Taking stuff off your myspace page and picking episodes accordingly.

I don't know who runs the whole shabang, but they threw a psychological "ton of bricks" at me to try to shut me up...

I should've shut up.

shawn said...

Hi my name is Shawn Riddick and I found your research interesting, there are good men in the government who are fighting satanic forces, hopefully they will go public soon, please see www.warningfromgod.com It could save your life.

ongangstalking said...

Thanks for this piece. Has info I have not seen before and needed actually.
Yet you are rather naive when it comes to occult practices.The black ops and covert warfare that is done is just steps beneath being occult in nature anyway. Believe that there is power there that is real but yes it does provide good cover as well as psyching out any outsiders.
You ask 'who believes in Satanism'? The people who practice it- its that simple.

BMH said...

Bad research muddies the waters.
This article has too many holes, too many typos, and outright inaccuracies.

As Richard's brother of 47 years, I've never heard him speak about abortion one way or the other. He isn't evangelical. He's Lutheran. And if he hadn't screwed up so bad, his wife probably wouldn't have turned on him.

Sid's name isn't spelled "Sydney Siem." It's Sidney (or just Sid) Siemer.

It's not "Satanists" that people have to worry about. Look at the actual accusation list. Look at it globally. Way more "Christians" of all varieties are molesting children. Christians that are not in hiding. They're right there teaching all the man-made lies right out in the open, gaining trust; then abusing trust.

It's the molestion; it's the rape of children that's the problem. Period. Unforgiveable.

BMH said...

Here's the address to Richard's new blog, if anyone has any questions.


Anonymous said...

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Apostle Laura Lee said...

I will not engage my church for this man's defense if he is not a Christian. You're telling me you hate God and reject the Bible as the Word of God as his brother?

Apostle Laura Lee said...
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