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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

MKULTRA: Government Mind Control Experiments, Part 10

Throughout western history, people have fanaticized about a vast Satanic conspiracy against Christendom. All sorts of evils have been ascribed to the Satanists, including child sacrifices and sexual abuses of all sorts. In fact, very few people have ever been inclined toward Satanism. The most important, though still very small, organized group of Satanists oppose all forms of torture and abuse of others. Yet reports of sexual abuses have been increasingly linked to Satanism since the 1980s. It is as though people are saying that the devil made them do it. Control through fear is probably the most important reason for using satanic motifs. However, experts claim that many people derive greater sexual satisfaction from their actions when they are accompanied by certain, frequently used, symbolic actions. If sexual abuse is part of experiment by government agencies, doing them under the aegis of a satanic cult (1) makes the survivors’ stories hard to believe; they can easily be labeled pseudomemories, and (2) makes the actions appear the isolated efforts of government employees in the grip of some strange cult. It has been reported that the Satanists rely heavily on Aleister Crowley’s Magick in Theory and Practice. In chapter twelve, he defended the practice of eating someone else’s’ heart and liver because it could give one greater energy. He recommends that the animal or person be killed within a satanic Circle. Antoo La Vey, founder of the Church of Satan , also defended human sacrifice.

A stream of evidence has turned up suggesting that the Canadian government allowed the CIA to conduct experiments on children at the Duplessis Orphanage, outside Montreal, in the 1950s. The orphanage was operated by the Catholic Church. Some of the victims are still alive. A mass grave has been found with hundreds of bodies In 1953, the government of Quebec transferred thousands of children from orphanages to mental hospitals to profit from higher subsidies paid by the national government. This was the time when the US-financed MKULTRA experiments in Canada were beginning in earnest. Some of the victims of experimentation were aborigines. In addition to LSD, electroshock, and hypnosis, some victims were brought into insulin comas. When the experiments came to light, much was made of the fact that so many of the victims were French speaking and Indians. In 2004, a high Canadian court blamed the CIA and Dr. Edwin Cameron. In return for money, the church turned over healthy children for experimentation. Lynne Moss-Shaman, a Canadian woman who is active in survivors’ conferences, says many of the mind control experiments were conducted at Canadian military bases. She also remembered being taken to Rochester, to Colgate University, and to Oswego State Teacher’s College. Recalled once being used for child sex with a British scientist for blackmail purposes. She thought that many of the victims ere somehow preconditioned for ritual abuse by coming from Masonic families. Linda Mac Donald , another survivor, said she was placed in an 86 day coma. The Canadian government has paid more than $8,000,000 in settlements to victims. The experiments have become the subject of the film, The Sleep Room. The Cameron experiments usually involved a combination of chemicals and massive electric shocks.


It is now known with certainty that Ted Kaczynski, the Unibomber, was a subject of mind control experiments at Harvard from 1958 to 1962. His programmer was Dr. Henry Murray. Candy Jones, the leading cover girl of the 1940s and 1950s, became a programming subject. She started working for NBC in 1960. By then she was permitting an unknown government agency to use her modeling school as a mail drop, and that led to her recruitment by the CIA, which experimented with her for twelve years. She was given a second personality and programmed to hate minorities; although, she had formerly been free of racial hang-ups. She was also programmed to commit suicide when her usefulness was over. She was injected with highly experimental drugs. She received training as a CIA agent and even learned how to kill with a hat pin. She already had the beginnings of a secondary personality, and the CIA cultivated it for its purposes. The agency used it to deliver messages. They triggered the second personality through telephone calls. In 1972, she married Long John Nebel, a radio talk show host. A practitioner of hypnosis, he used this sill to reconstruct her experiences on 200 hours of tape. In general, the idea was to leave the “front personality” alone and to develop “alter personalities” that would do as commanded. The front personality would have no idea what the others were . There have been unsuccessful efforts to acquire, under the Freedom of Information Act, government files on her. However, the CIA has admitted having ext4nsive files on Candy Jones. In t he case of a famous assassin who was caught in the Philippines and eventually returned to the United States, his evil alter had been programmed to believe that he was the illegitimate child of Alan Dulles.

Jerry Lee Lewis was a musician and mind controller who worked closely with Aquino on the West Coast. He was also involved in the Temple of Set. He was said to be particularly sadistic in his programming activities. It is claimed that he is a programmed programmer, meaning that someone programmed him thoroughly before deciding to use him as a programmer.

Cisco Wheeler said her father was a government mind controller and that the family had been into Satanism for generations. Her great Uncle was General Earl Wheeler, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff in the Vietnam War. Cisco’s father was tied to the CIA and was a musician who did USO shows during that war. Her father was involved in getting drugs into the United States, and he claims that sometimes drugs were hidden in the cavaties of bodies being shipped back. Cisco experienced trauma programming from birth and was trained to give others sexual pleasure. The beginning of recovery occurred when Cisco was 40 and her father died.

Wheeler claims she was programmed by Dr. Green or Dr. Fairchild, whom he thought was Joseph Mengele, but her father, Dr. Black, was her main programmer. Dr. Green placed children in intensely hot cages in the desert and after they were broken told them of his great love for them, They he would have them perform some terrible act or other. Cisco said she was programmed in Oregon and California, at the Presidio, China Lake Naval Base, and at Letterman Hospital next to the Presidio. He added Dorenbecker Masonic Hospital and the Oregon State Hospital to the list sites.

Her father married a very religious woman so that he could infiltrate her church, and eventually he became a Pentecostal minister. Fritz Springmeier, who deprogrammed Wheeler, claims the Satanists have infiltrated many churches, especially the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses. :Springmeier and his wife were subsequently jailed for growing marijuana. Recently, In Gone with the Wind at the Vatican, Msgr. Luigi Marinelli said that satanic rites were even conducted within the Vatrican. Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo has also accused other Vatican clerics of practicing black magic.

Suzanne Starr, a victim living in New Mexico, said her father was jailed and tortured the little girl in front of her mother until the badly shaken mother signed her over to the government for its experiments. She believed that the family physician, a retired military man, found children for the experiments. Recalls being in the doctor’s basement and of being taken to a college campus when she was twelve. The children were locked in dorms and taken to tunnels for experiments. She also recalled a person the people in the program referred to as the “Nazi doctor.” She talked about electroshock sessions and how she passed out when something was shoved up her nose. She claimed that she was injected with something that carried radiation with it. She was not sexually abused, but they did experiment with her mind and used her for radiation experiments, including one to determine how radiation affected fertility.

It is difficult to determine who the survivors really are. Some come forward with very believable stories, and there are commonalities among them. In most cases, other people crop up who try to control these people and still others who try to refute them. Some appear to emerge from these experiences with so much trauma that there is no way to tell if what they say is true. Such a person is Barbara Hartwell, now living in Maine. She claimed to be under the control of the CIA for 25 years and broke free in 1994. It is easy to discount her story. The only plus is that Chip Tatus vouched for her. His statements have almost always proven to be true. Her code names were “sleeping Beauty, Blue Rose, and Black Angel.”

First someone appeared who claimed to want to help her. He had been in FBI Counterpol for 27 years and had tried to “help” others. When they fell out, around 2000, other people started turning who claimed to have been programmed by NSA or CIA. After them, there were people who were clearly hostile. Her story seems so hard to piece together that it is difficult figure out why anyone would bother to attack her, unless it is her claim that she was controlled by microwave technology, which seems to be one step beyond the technology the others talked about.

A Likely Victim of Programming

Henry Lee Lucas was sentenced to death in Texas for murder, torture, pedophilia, necrophilia, cannibalism, and mutilation of human beings. His victims numbered between 300 and 600. His partner was Otis Toole, a self-described cannibal and arsonist. Governor George W. Bush took an active interest in Lucas’s case and asked the clemency board to look at it, which led to Bush granting clemency in June, 1998. Lucas subsequently died in prison of natural causes. Lucas was on very good terms with the Rangers in the Lucas Task force and was rarely handcuffed when being transported from place to place . He probably took credit for murders he did not commit in order to assure that he would live well in prison. Even if he lied a lot about his exploits, it is still likely that he was one of the worst serial killers in history. . Bush argued that the case that led to the death sentence was shaky, but Texas authorities did nothing to permit Lucas to stand trial in other states, where there were charges pending.

In his 1985 book The Hand of Death: The Henry Lee Lucas Story, Lucas told of his induction into a satanic cult , the Hand of Death, and about his training as a killer and assassin. He and his partner were offered a job delivering stolen cars, but they declined it, saying it would expose them to quick arrest as they were fugitives. Instead the man offered them work killing on behalf of an organization, the cult. Otis Toole told about the same story. They were trained in more efficient methods of killing, ritual sacrifice and cannibalism, and child abduction. The two toured the American south, gathering children to be used for sacrifice or sold to wealthy families in Mexico. Some of the older children were used in pornographic movies the cult distributed. Lucas’s comments about the route he took into Mexico with kidnap victims was later verified.
George W. Bush lived in Brownsville in 1984 and had ties to the cult. However, he disappeared for three days when 17 members of the cult were victims of a mass murder. When he returned, he could not explain where he had been. The local prosecutor investigated Bush for six months before dropping the matter under pressure from Washington. The Brownsville cult and another in nearby Matamoros were suspected of moving drugs, and the theory was that human mules and cult members were regularly snuffed out. The cult in Matamoros, run partly by Aldolfo De Jesus, had chambers for torture and human sacrifice. Costanzo, had chambers for torture and human sacrifice.

Lucas also served the cult by abducting children. The cult had a ranch just south of the border. He claimed to be a good friend of Jim Jones of People’s Temple and of delivering cyanide to the good reverend. If he was at Jonestown that day, he may have been involved in something very ugly. Dr. C. Leslie Mootoo, the Guyanese coroner, ruled that only three people died of drinking poison that day. The rest died by lethal injection.

He never made clear if the cult had government ties, but the training camp in Florida that he attended clearly had military ties. It is also known that retired intelligence agents have complained about the CIA using cults as fronts. However, in an earlier ten year incarceration, he was subjected to 4 to 5 hours a day of mental treatment that, if we can believe his account, sounds like the kind of conditioning the Navy subjected prisoners to as a means of creating future commandos and hit men.

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