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Friday, May 11, 2007

MKULTRA: Government Mind Control Experiments, Part 11

One of the most troubling aspects of this story are persistent reports from women who claimed they had been abducted as children for government mind control therapy. Ms. Mullen, whose testimony appears above, was taken to Deep Creek Cabins in Maryland in 1959 to learn to “to learn how to sexually please men.” Dr. John Gottlieb handled the scientific end of the experiments, and she mentioned Deputy CIA Director Richard Helms who wanted to entrap politicians and academicians as part of a plan to continue funding of some of their projects. Above all, they wanted to continue experiments with radiation. Morse Allen, Gottlieb, Helms, and George White planned to film politicians having sex with her

They had recently been giving massive doses of radiation to retarded children in New Orleans. This girl was nine years old at the time, and came from a one-parent home. Her father was abusing her sexually and then adopted by a woman connected with Tulane University, who also abused her. She had nearly perfect recall.

They were usually programmed as sex slaves and messengers. Some claim they received the highest level of training, that of assassins. Lt. Comdr. Thomas Narut was particularly invioved in producing assassins.

Most victims came from families were sexual abuse occurred. Their parents were often trapped in some way or other and forced to yield custody of the children. Sometimes they were found because they ordered very graphic child pornography. It is claimed that ministers are often used as fronts for local MKUltra training operations. These clergymen are seduced by sex slaves (Betas) and are blackmailed into cooperating.

This is as far as the story goes before it becomes hopelessly muddled. The former victims tell similar stories but often include bizarre elements. All talk about satanic rites mixed with sex and sexual abuse. The mind control training was always based upon the use of intense traumas. Some refer to plots to take over the world, involving the New World Order, the Illuminati, the Vatican, the Masons, and others. Sometimes these women come under the influence of men who most likely were once part of the government MKUltra operations and sex trade. One very clearly is a highly trained psychotherapist. It may that these people were given the task of mixing disinformation with the stories of these women. If so, they have done a wonderful job. It has become very difficult to tell what is accurate and what is disinformation.

Ted Gunderson, most probably a government infiltrator of the survivor network, says the Satanists use the works of black magician Aleister Crowley and that they like live sacrifice, believing it releases energy they can absorb. All sources tie the MKUltra rituals to Joseph Mengele.

Today Svali is a registered nurse and works in diabetic education. Today, she would be about 50, twelve years before she fled the mind control program in San Diego. She claims that she and her family were victims of the mind control and that she was both a programmer and a programmed person. All of them were victims of dissociative identity disorder( DID), formerly multiple personalities. She writes little about her experiences but does mention sexual abuse, but says she was never “prostituted out” but taught others to become prostitutes. As head trainer in San Diego, she used virtual reality head sets to train future assassins. She mentions connections to the CIA, the military, and the government in general. Without quite explaining why, she believes that mind control, in the end, serves the purposes of a secretive group called the Illuminati and a secret initiation ceremony in the bowels of the Vatican, but these could be bits of programmed disinformation meant to make her entire story seem false.

Svali provides great detail about how people are programmed and mentions how the program raises money through assassination, sale of government secrets, drug trading, gun running, pornography, and prostitution. They train mercenaries in Montana, Nevada, and North Dakota. There is a profit to be made in training mercenaries, but the recompense they seek is loyalty and knowing what the mercenaries are doing later. She claims that there was a great deal of dissastisfaction within the mind controlled/satanic community, that many programmers were not happy with what they have done, and that they would quit if they thought escape was possible. She disappeared in July, 2006.

Most students of this subject believe that Brice Taylor , born in 1951, ( really Susan Ford) is a genuine survivor.Her recovery began in 1985 and lasted a long time. He said sexual abuse was a family tradition, and claimed that after entering the program she was taken to UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute and to NASA installations. Ford also talked about being taken to military bases at Long Beach, California. She mentioned Point Magoo Naval Base as an important Monarch site. The mob was also involved in her abuse as well as the CIA. Her grandfather was an Iowa politician and also abused her. His techniques were fairly crude, but the government people used drugs, hypnosis, and electric shock.

She was involved in what she called the Lincoln Memorial Tour, which was really an oral sex tour for foreign diplomats , Congressmen, and others taking a shuttle to the monument. She began in her teens, and eventually her daughter joined her. Before servicing them, she asked each if he wanted his shoes shined. She said that about 3000 women were programmed as Presidential Models to give presidents and others sex. Ford also acquired a photographic memory so she could serve as a messenger. She claimed to have serviced Bob Hope, Henry Kissinger, Bill Clinton, and others.

Ford said she was pre-programmed, upon a given signal, to get into an automobile accident and that this was the reason for two serious crashes.

Kathleen Sullivan claims to be another survivor. Her family too was involves in sexual abuse and her grandfather converted to Druidism. Her father was an assassin with ties to the Columbo crime family. He also had ties to former Nazis. Also a “presidential model” sex slave, she claimed to have serviced Robert Maxwell, Henry Kissinger, George Bush, Sr, and Billy Graham. Her CIA controller was James Jesus Angleton.

A third alleged survivor is Cathy o’Brien, formerly of Muskegon, Michigan. Many believe her, but some think she is being led astray by a therapist and former CIA officer who is working with her. Her’s was an “incest based family.” She learned to read at age four due to her photographic memory. One wonders if that capacity made her attractive to MKUltra. She claimed that Gerald Ford recruited her after her family’s practices became known. Her Uncle Bob, an Air Force Intelligence Officer, was also involved in her abuse. She mentions a mind control facilities at McDill Air Force Base and Tinker Air Base.

Carol Rutz says she was abused by here father from almost the beginning. By age 2, she was constructing “alters” to escape the pain. By age 4, she was in the hands of Allan Dulles and Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, America’s own version of Joseph Mengele’s She said that Mengle claimed to be “Dr. Black” and instructed children not to look closely at his face.

Gottlieb “Daddy Sid,” her only source of reinforcement. Her programming only began to deteriorate after his death. They messed with her mind but did not use her for sex or missions. Through the Freedom of Information Act, she obtained documents on their experiments. Yet, it seems that other CIA people sexually abused her.

Dr. D.Corydon Hammond is a psychiatrist and leader of therapists who believe there are many mind control victims in the U.S. He delivered a famous address at the Fourth Annual Eastern Regional Conference on Abuse and Multiple Personality, Thursday June 25, 1992 in Alexandria, Virginia. Found that people eleven states suffering from multiple personality disorder had been programmed the same way. He found similar patters of programming and also checked out these findings with other therapists. A high percentage of patients associated their programmers with the CIA, NASA, or the military.

He found that many had been programmed within the framework of some sort of satanic cult which had element of Cabalism incorporated within it. The Nazi prison doctors used this framework and preferred to start with very small children. Sometimes they employed sexual abuse or physical abuses such as placing the child’s finger in a mousetrap. Demorol and electronic impulses were used. Later, he found the CIA using LSD. Among American subjects, he found women more likely to have been ritualistically programmed than men.

Experimenters used drugs and electronic shock to achieve what they thought were desirable brain wave states before they started programming. Sometimes noise of some sort was fed into the right ear, while voice instructions went to the left, which was associated with the right hemisphere of the brain.

He found different forms of programming. Alpha programming is only general in nature. Those who received Beta programming performed oral sex in a certain way, did pornography, prostitution, and performed sex in rituals. Deltas were killers and assassins, and also killed in rituals. Thetas were psychotic killers. They have many deadly skills including murder by creating a brain aneurysm. Omega programming involves self-destruction. Gamma programming involves disinformation skills. Omicron programming involves skills in the drug trade.

Time and again he found people programmed by a “Dr. Green” decades ago. This man sometimes told patients his real name was Greenbaum.


Anonymous said...

What a complete crock.

Anonymous said...

not a "crock"

do your research,
this is very real,
you can find original,
now declassified documents if you care to look.
this is not 'bs'.

pretty shitty eh?

wake up and do something about it,
or continue to sleep, but if you want to sleep, keep your mouth closed.

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